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🌎 The Labyrinth continues to collapse, causing abnormal aberrations to appear on other worlds. Labyrinth is your way between worlds in Remnant II. You can use the portals to travel between worlds like Losomn, Yaesha, and N’Erud. Labyrinth is a STATIC world and does not change when you reroll your campaign. All of these items are found in the same place each time.

Labyrinth Items

NameDescriptionSpecific Location
Energized Neck Coil Increases Status Effect damage by 25%. Applying a damage Status Effect creates a 5m Explosion for 20% of the Status Effects full damage.
Gunfire Security LanyardAutomatically reloads Magazine over time. Does not work for a single shot weapons.Labyrinth/The Backrooms
Bisected Ring
Gain Infinite Stamina. All damage received is increased by 25%.Labyrinth/The Backrooms
Dense Silicon RingGain 200% of Health Regenerated as Mod Power.
Encrypted RingUsing a Mod regenerates 10% of Max Health over 10s. Can stack up to 30s.
Shard Banded RingIncreases Mod damage by 12%.

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