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N’Erud is a gigantic construct with the ability to traverse the universe at incomprehensible speeds. 🚀 Its denizens, the Drzyr, discovered a supermassive black hole that may hold the mysteries of creation. But what has become of the Drzyr?

Full guides for each location COMING SOON!

N’Erud Amulets

N’Erud Rings

Storyline Starting Locations

Forgotton Prison
starting location for Tal’Ratha world boss.
Tal’Ratha ALT Kill
Seeker’s Rest
starting location for Sha’Hala world boss.

Open World Locations

Timeless HorizonThe Eon VaultAbyssal RiftPhantam Wasteland

Dungeons and Events

Dormant N’Erudian Facility
Extraction Hub
Ascension Spire
The Dark Conduit
The Putrid Domain
Vault of the Formless
Astropath’s Respite
Void Vessel FacilityTal’Ratha’s Refuge
The HatcheryTitan’s ReachTower of the Unseen
Spectrum NexusTerminus StationSentinel’s Keep

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