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Yaesha Amulets

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In the game Remnant 2, there are special items called amulets that players can use to get different advantages. Each player can wear just one amulet at a time. You can discover these amulets all over the different places in Remnant 2. They might be hidden around the game world, sold by non-player characters (NPCs), given as prizes for completing dungeons and unexpected happenings, or obtained by defeating certain bosses.

This is a list of how to get all Remnant II amulets in Yaesha. They are either in set locations, from quests or NPCs, or random drops in the world.

Death’s Embrace
Gain 20% to all damage when Health is below 100%. Gain HASTE when below 50% Health.
How to Find: Purchased from Bedel of the Vaunt consumable vendor NPC at the beginning of Yaesha, in the Forbidden Grove (Ravager story line)
Downward Spiral
Increases Fire Rate by 10% and Melee Attack Speed by 15%. For every missing 10% of Max Health, gain 3% Ranged damage (Max 15%) and 4% Melee Damage (Max 20%)
How to Find: During the Chimney event, look for a root cluster with a bright spot to be shot out before dropping down below the roots. If you do this during the event, you can pick up the drop before it ends. You can also go back to the previous check point and do it after the event is over.
[need to acquire]Full Moon Circlet
Ranged damage Lifesteals 3% of base damage dealt. At full health, damage is increased by 20%.
How to Find: Imperial Gardens, behind a trapdoor marked with a gold full moon crest. Will only open during a Blood Moon.
Hallowed Egg
Spending at least 30% of Firearms magazine to deal damage increases Melee damage by 10% for 7s. Stacks 5x.
How to Find: Reward for completing the Root Nexus Event.
Kuri Kuri Charm
For every 10% of Health missing (Max 50%), gain 10% increased Relic Use Speed and 7% chance to not consume a Relic Charge.
How to Find: Located in the bird nest. After visiting the bird, everyone must be far away from the bird so it will fly away from the nest.
Laemir Censer
Increases Mod Duration by 50%. Increases Mod Cost by 15%.
How to Find: Forgotten Field event. Received from Laemir after exhausting all dialogue options.
Matriarch’s Insignia
Increases Melee Damage by 35% and causes all successful Melee Attacks to restore 10 Stamina.
How to Find: Widows Court, located behind a locked door.
Necklace of Flowing Life
Increases Grey Health conversion by an additional 100%. When Grey Health Conversion triggers, gain 5x the amount as Mod Power.
How to Find: Random tile spawn in The Lament, The Chimney, or Twisted Chantry. Behind an illusory wall.
Necklace of Supremacy
After 7s of not being damaged, increases all damage dealt by 15%. Increases to 25% if Health is full.
How to Find: During the Laemir event in Forgotten Field, make sure you destroy the boss health bar before killing ANY of enemies that spawn.
Ravager’s Mark
Increases all damage dealt to BLEEDING targets by 20%. Bonus increases to 30% for targets with 50% or lower Health.
How to Find: In the Ravager and Doe fight, kill the doe and receive the amulet.
Red Doe Sigil
Increases Relic Healing Effectiveness by 30% which doubles when the wearer’s Health is below 50%.
How to Find: Received from the Eternal Empress when you give her the ornate box without opening it.
Scavenger’s Bauble
Increases Scrap pickups by 50%, Automatically pick up any nearby crafting materials.
How to Find: Random drop in Yaesha
Soul Anchor
Summoning increases all damage dealt by 20% for 30s.
How to Find: Craft at the Blood Moon Altar
Stalker’s Band
Gain 10% Ranged and 15% Melee damage. Bonus double versus enemies not targeting wearer.
How to Find: Random drop in Yaesha.
Talisman of the Sun
Increases FIRE damage by 20% and BURNING damage by 50%.
How to Find: The Expanding Glade, in a chest.
Vengeance Idol
Increases all damage dealt by 30% when the wearer’s Health is below 50%.
How to Find: Random drop in Yaesha.

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