Season 1 Druid Leveling Guide! (1-50)

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Build Overview

This is a leveling guide for poison landslide druid. Landslide auto-crits, has great single target damage, and the new vine creeper aspect only improves our AoE Damage. Let’s get into it.

Skills & Spirit Boons

Spirit Boons:

  • Wariness
  • Avian Wrath
  • Packleader & Bolster
  • Obsidian Slam

Leveling Path

Skill Tree

Aspects & Uniques (weapon slot left blank for flexibility while leveling)

  1. Aspect of Disobedience (Helm)
  2. Aspect of Quicksand (Chest Armor
  3. Crashstone Aspect (Gloves)
  4. Aspect of Mending Stone (Pants)
  5. Ballistic Aspect (Boots)
  6. Subterranean Aspect (Ring)
  7. Aspect of the Aftershock (Ring)
  8. Aspect of Retaliation (Amulet)

With Weapons setup: (adding trampleslide & umbral)

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