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The Best Exotic Class Items for Prismatic

The Best Exotic Class Items for Prismatic

How to Earn Exotic Class Items in Destiny 2

The Exotic Class items in Destiny 2 are unlocked on each class by running the Dual Destiny mission with one other player. You can either bring a friend or search Fireteam Finder. Once you have this completed on each class, you’ll be able to farm for the exotic class items by opening any chest in the Pale Heart destination or completing the Dual Destiny mission again.

In this article, I’ll be going over the top S-tier exotics class item rolls for each class: Hunter, Warlock, and Titan. I’ll also suggest a build for each one and let you know why it’s so good. If you want to track your exotic class item drops, make sure to check out Blue Engram’s Catch ‘Em All page and link your Bungie account to automatically update.

Best Hunter Exotic Class Items

In season 24, Hunters are the melee class :). So any exotic class items with a Caliban’s, Liar’s, or Synthoceps roll is very very good. They will synergize with the extremely overpowered Prismatic Melee Hunter Build we talked about in our previous article. Pair these melee builds with combination blow and strand’s grapple for an awesome time!

The 2 Hunter exotic class items to look out for are:

  • Caliban’s / Liar’s
  • Caliban’s / Synthoceps
  • Caliban’s / Verity’s
  • Renewal / Cyrtarachne’s
  • Inmost Light / Verity’s

Best Warlock Exotic Class Items

Next up, Prismatic Warlocks. I’ve been really enjoying my warlock this season. Song of Flame is an awesome new solar super and strand with prismatic feels amazing. In my last article, I showed you the hugely popular Getaway Artist build for Prismatic. Now let’s talk about the exotic class items you want to hold on to for Warlock.

Fortunately, Warlock has a couple s-tier exotics in the list with Osmiomancy, Verity’s, and Battle Harmony. On the Prismatic class item, Osmiomancy will buff the cooldown of any grenade, not just cold snap. So this opens up a world of options like threadlings and vortext grenade, two of the best grenades from their respective subclasses. Warlock also has plenty of damage supers in Prismatic, like Nova Bomb and Needlestorm, so exotic class items that roll with Star-Eater’s and Battle Harmony are top tier as well!

Here are the top exotic class items for Warlock to keep!

  • Osmiomancy / Star-Eater’s
  • Osmiomancy / Verity’s
  • Osmiomancy / Battle Harmony
  • Inmost Light / Battle Harmony
  • Inmost Light / Synthoceps
  • Inmost Light / Verity’s
  • Inmost Light / Star-Eater’s

Best Titan Exotic Class Items

Titan mains have been hit pretty hard in season 24. Prismatic feels a little bland for them as most of your choices will be locked – Frenzy Blade, Consecration, Knockout. However, some of the exotic class items have really great synergy and can easily replace its exotic armor counterpart. Here’s the list of what you should save if you come across them in the Pale Heart.

  • Inmost Light / Synthoceps
  • Inmost Light / Star-Eater’s
  • Inmost Light / Point-Contact
  • Inmost Light / Precious Scars
  • Severance / Synthoceps
  • Severance / Point-Contact
  • Abeyant Leap / Point-Contact
  • Abeyant Leap / Synthoceps
  • Abeyant Leap / Precious Scars

I’ll update this article as I find them and make builds of my own with DIM Links. Until then, have fun with the new exotic class items in Destiny 2 and tell me which combo is your favorite by leaving a comment!

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