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Destiny 2: The Final Shape, NEW Legendary Weapons!

Destiny 2: The Final Shape, NEW Legendary Weapons!

We’re just around the corner from Destiny 2’s next big expansion, The Final Shape. In the weeks leading up to the June 4th launch date, Bungie has shared a ton of information about what we’ll find in the Pale Heart destination. This article will only show weapons from official sources that have already been shared with the community. I will not be sharing any spoilers from the Sony leak this morning.

We already went over all the known Exotic armor and weapons in my previous article. This one is all about the brand new and returning legendary weapons! Bungie shared the image above in their weapons tuning post and the weapon cards below were shared by creators who received early access.

Brand New Weapon Perks in The Final Shape

Let’s first go over some of the new perks we’ll see on these weapons. These will most likely show up on all weapons coming with The Final Shape on June 4th.

  • Threat Remover – Dealing damage with all bullets in a spread increases reload speed, handling, and stability.
  • Strategist – Final blows with this weapon generate class ability energy. Activating your class ability briefly improves this weapon’s stability.
  • Air Trigger – Increased ammo reserves. When airborne, accuracy and reload speed are increased but target acquisition is decreased.
  • To The Pain – While this weapon is equipped, taking damage increases handling and aim assist until the weapon is stowed. Taking more damage increases the effect.
  • Physic – Rapidly healing allies grants restoration to you and your allies.
  • Circle of Life – Rapidly healing allies grants this weapon a period of increase damage.

Pale Heart Destination Origin Trait

Let’s jump right in with the Pale Heart destination origin trait, Dealer’s Choice.

DEALER’S CHOICE: Final blows with this weapon grant a small amount of Super energy. Equipping multiple weapons from the Pale Heart increases this effect.

Compared to other destination origin traits, this one has the potential to be very good depending on the amount of super energy you gain compared to regular orbs of power.

You can also see the first destination weapon, a sniper named Embraced Identity. This is a void adaptive frame sniper and the only sniper in the game that can roll destabilizing rounds in the 3rd column.

Next up, The Call, a rocket-assisted frame sidearm! I’m so happy they’re bringing more rocket-assisted frames to Destiny 2 with The Final Shape. This weapon will be similar to Indebted Kindness, our first rocket-assisted frame from the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon. The Call has a few god roll perks for PvE, including subsistence/one-for-all, lead from gold/vorpal weapon, and more. It can also roll with a new perk call Strategist. I will be farming HARD for this sidearm!

False Idols is the new Vortex Frame Sword in The Final Shape. This frame is similar to Falling Guillotine with the spinning heavy attack. Swords are always fun to run around with in PvE and you’ll want to look for an Incandescent/Chain Reaction roll for maximum explosions!

Pro Memoria is the first ever aggressive frame machine gun in Destiny 2. It will be great for mowing down ads in PvE with rolls like Reconstruction/Target Lock. It also comes with new perks like Strategist and To the Pain.

The precision frame fusion rifle, Axial Lacuna has potential to be a great PvE addition. The charge rate sits right in the middle and can roll with awesome perk combos like Reconstruction/Controlled Burst and Demolitionist/Incandescent. I’m not sure if it will overtake favorites like The Eremite and Royal Executioner, but we’ll have to wait and find out!

Next up is the precision frame kinetic shotgun, Someday. This shotgun can roll with Recombination, which is only the 2nd shotgun in Destiny 2 that can roll with this perk. Most PvP players will be looking for the go-to roll of threat detector/opening shot.

Bold Endings is a brand new Stasis hand cannon and it’s a HEAVY BURST frame! This is important to talk about because it’s the same frame as Warden’s Law, which has paired perfectly with the Hunter exotic – Lucky Pants. If you missed out on getting a Warden’s Law this season, you’ll have a chance at this bad body next week. Unfortunately it doesn’t roll with Fourth Time’s the Charm or Vorpal weapon, but it does roll with all the new perks (great for PvP) and Rapid Hit/Golden Tricorn could be a fun roll with the Prismatic subclass.

Next up is a weapon that deserves its own article! No Hesitation is a brand new Support Frame auto rifle for all my natural born healers in Destiny 2! Support Frame will allow you to heal your allies when hip firing. Similar to Lumina, the exotic hand cannon, you’ll be able to build up restorative charge from dealing damage with the gun. If you heal your allies, you’ll also increase your weapon damage. I love seeing more innovative frames like this one. There are two new perks that will fit this frame perfectly.

  • Physic – Rapidly healing allies grants restoration to you and your allies.
  • Circle of Life – Rapidly healing allies grants this weapon a period of increase damage.

If you love the idea of playing a healer in Destiny 2, definitely look out for No Hesitation. This auto rifle would also pair really well with the new Warlock exotic, Speaker’s Sight.

The last “new” weapon from the Pale Heart is the Scintillation. An adaptive burst Linear Fusion Rifle that can roll Bait and Switch! It also has the Veist origin trait, which gives you a small chance to reload the magazine while aiming down sight. This played a big roll in past meta weapons like the Taipan and Fire and Forget. so the Scintillation could have a place in the meta once The Final Shape drops. Grab a roll with Envious Assassin / Bait and Switch OR Reservoir Burst for PvE.

Reprise Legendary Weapons Coming Back in The Final Shape

Last up is a quick look at all the weapons coming back to Destiny 2 with a new coat of paint.

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