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All Items in Root Earth

All Items in Root Earth

Root Earth

In Remnant II, Root Earth is the last place you visit during the campaign. After the main, procedurally generated worlds like LosomnYaesha, and N’Erud, Root Earth is a STATIC world and does not change when you reroll your campaign. All of the items and secrets can be found in any campaign playthrough and there’s no adventure mode for Root Earth.

All Named Locations in Root Earth

Ashen Wasteland
Corrupted Harbor
Blackened Citadel

Root Earth Items (Rings + Amulets)

Root Earth is one of the worlds you will travel to in the Remnant II campaign. This is the last world and also a static map, similar to Labyrinth. All of these items will be in the same locations each time. You cannot reroll Root Earth in adventure mode, so these amulets and rings must be acquired during your campaign playthrough.

ankh of powerAnkh of Power, Amulet
Grants a 15% increase to all damage. Consuming a Relic doubles the bonus for 15s.
Pass the second small checkpoint and climb the stairs up and to the left.
Daredevil’s Charm, Amulet
Gain 7.5% to all damage dealt, 3% Movement Speed, and 5% all damage taken for each piece of unequipped armor.
Completing Root Earth on Hardcore mode.
escalation protocol amuletEscalation Protocol, Amulet
Increases all damage dealt by 2.5% for 10s after killing an enemy. Stacks 10x. Dealing damage refreshes the timer.
Near the first small checkpoint in Corrupted Harbor. In the open area, check the left wall of the cargo docks.
dying ember ringDying Ember, Ring
Gain 5% of base Melee damage dealt as Lifesteal.
After Ashen Wasteland checkpoint. Drop down into a hole and follow the path through the water. Crouch through an opening and up a ladder to the ring.
flyweight's stingFlyweight’s Sting, Ring
Increases Melee damage while Armor Encumbrance is below 50. Damage bonus increase with lower Encumbrance, up to 25% at 0 Weight.
In a cargo container near the Corrupted Harbor small checkpoint. Roll off the metal railing and drop down.
haymaker's ringHaymaker’s Ring, Ring
Increase Melee damage by 0.2% for every 1 Point of Encumbrance.
After the train car enemy wave event, climb through the train car.
kinetic circle stone ringKinetic Cycle Stone, Ring
Increase Mod and Skill Cast Speed by 20%.
Behind the stairs in Corrupted Harbor.
probability cord ringProbability Cord, Ring
Increase Crit Damage by 30%.
After enemy wave event in the server room in Corrupted Harbor, follow the path and take the stairs up until you can get on the root. Take the root up further, then drop down.
reaping stone ringReaping Stone, Ring
After an Elemental Status Effect is removed from wearer, they become immune to all Elemental Status Effects and gain 2% of base damage dealt as Lifesteal for 10s.
After the first open area, on the left you’ll see a wooden slat wall with a hole at the bottom. Crouch underneath and follow the path. Jump across the platforms and drop down to the hole in the wall.
zania's malice ringZania’s Malice, Ring
Dealing Weakspot damage increases Weakspot damage by 10% for 7s. Stacks 3x.
Ashen Wasteland at first small checkpoint. Before train car enemy wave event, look for a hole in the wall BEFORE you drop down.

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