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All Items to Find in Ward 13

All Items to Find in Ward 13

In Remnant II, life has returned to the once barren wasteland of Earth. The inhabitants of Ward 13 emerged from behind its walls and created a sanctuary of safety and hope. Read about the rare items and account wide jewelry you can acquire from Ward 13 during your adventures in Remnant II.

Ward 13 Amulets

Many rings and amulets in Remnant II are found in Ward 13 and can be purchased from Reggie or Cass. They also sell most account-wide items. Cass will have a random assortment of items each time you return to Ward 13. She will also sell consumables and crafting materials like iron.

abrasive whetstone amuletAbrasive Whetstone, Amulet
When attacking a BLEEDING enemy, Crit Chance is increased by 15% and Crit Damage is increased by 30%.
Sold by Cass.
broken pocket watchBroken Pocket Watch, Amulet
Increases Stamina Regen by 25 and reduces Stamina cost by 50%.
Sold by Cass.
butcher's fetish amuletButcher’s Fetish, Amulet
Increases Critical Chance by 15% and Critical Damage by 25% for 15s after striking enemy with a Charged Melee Attack.
Sold by Reggie after completing the game on Veteran difficulty.
decayed marginDecayed Margin, Amulet
Melee hits gain 1.5% base damage dealt as Lifesteal. For each 25% missing Health, gain 1.5% additional Melee Lifesteal. When Health is full, gain 25% Melee Damage.
Sold by Cass.
gunslinger's charmGunslinger’s Charm, Amulet
Increases Fire Rate by 15% and Reload Speed by 20%.
After completing your 2nd world during campaign mode, talk to Mudtooth and listen to 10 stories.
leto's amuletLeto’s Amulet, Amulet
Reduces Armor Encumbrance by 40% and Stamina cost by 15%.
Heavy Flop 100 Times. Then you can buy it from Reggie.
nightmare spiral amuletNightmare’s Spiral, Amulet
Gain 10% of base Ranged damage dealt as Lifesteal. Reduces Healing Effectiveness by 95%.
Sold by Reggie after clearing 30 biomes.
onyx pendulumOnyx Pendulum, Amulet
Firearm damage adds stacks which increase the damage of stowed firearm by 2.5% for 15s. Stacks 10x.
Sold by Reggie after completing the Campaign on Nightmare difficulty.
twisted idolTwisted Idol, Amulet
Increases Armor Effectiveness by 30% and reduces Encumbrance by 15.
Sold by Cass.

Ward 13 Rings

acid stone ringAcid Stone, Ring
Increases ACID damage by 10% and ACID Resistance by 15%.
Sold by Reggie.
akari war bandAkari War Band, Ring
Perfect Dodges increase Critical Chance by 15% and Critical Damage by 15% for 15s.
Sold by Cass.
amber moonstoneAmber Moonstone, Ring
When the wearer’s Health drops below 30%, all incoming damage is reduced by 25% and wearer becomes immune to temporary Status Effects.
Sold by Cass.
anastasija's inspirationAnastasija’s Inspiration, Ring
When receiving healing effects, gain HASTE for 10s.
Sold by Whisper.
band of accordBand of Accord, Ring
Ammo acquired on pickup is increased by 25% per ally also wearing this ring and is shared with other allies.
Sold by Reggie after doing the High Five emote in co-op.
black cat ringBlack Cat Ring, Ring
When taking fatal damage, instead of dying, the wearer’s Health will drop to 1, and Movement Speed will increase by 25% for 10s. 2m cooldown.
Sold by Reggie after dying 15 times.
blessed ringBlessed Ring, Ring
After receiving a benefit from a Relic, gain 2 Stacks of BULWARK for 15s.
Sold by Cass.
braided thorns ringBraided Thorns, Ring
After killing an enemy, gain 15% increased Critical Chance for 10s.
Sold by Cass.
bright steel ringBright Steel Ring, Ring
Gives the wearer the fastest evade roll regardless of their Armor Encumbrance.
Sold by Reggie after defeating 15 World Bosses.
burden of the audacious ringBurden of the Audacious, Ring
Decreases all healing by 75%. Perfect Dodges heal for 15% of Max Health.
Sold by Cass.
burden of the destroyer ringBurden of the Destroyer, Ring
Decreases Ideal Range of all Firearms by 25%. Increases all damage dealt by 15%.
Sold by Cass.
burden of the gamblerBurden of the Gambler, Ring
Disables Weakspots. Increases Critical Chance by 10% and Critical Damage by 20%.
Sold by Cass.
compulsion loopCompulsion Loop, Ring
After killing an enemy, gain 5% Fire Rate and Melee Attack Speed for 7s. Stacks 3x.
Sold by Cass.
deceiver's bandDeceiver’s Band, Ring
After performing a Slide, gain 15% Evade Speed and 10% Movement Speed for 12s.
Sold by Cass.
Devoured Loop, Ring
Critical Hits have 1% chance to reset skill Cooldowns. can only occur once every 10s. Increases all incoming damage by 10%.
Sold by Reggie after completing campaign on Apocalypse difficulty.
gunslinger's ringGunslinger’s Ring, Ring
Increases Firearm Swap Speed by 30% and Reload Speed by 10%.
Complete the next world in your campaign, then talk to Mudtooth in Ward 13. Listen to all his stories and eventually he will reward you with the ring.
mechanic's cogMechanic’s Cog, Ring
While carrying an Engineer Heavy Weapon, gain 15% Movement Speed and 1 Stack of BULWARK.
Sold by Cass.
ring of flawed beautyRing of Flawed Beauty, Ring
Ranged Weakspot damage is increased by 25%. Ranged damage is reduced by 15% when failing to hit a Weakspot.
Sold by Cass.
rock of anguish ringRock of Anguish, Ring
Gain 5% Movement Speed and 7.5% Reload Speed for every 25% of Max Health missing.
Sold by Cass.
tarnished ringTarnished Ring, Ring
Increases damage of Unarmed Attacks by 30%.
Climb the ladder next to Whisper and talk to the man standing on the catwalk. He may be sleeping in the shipping container. If so, keep reloading the area.
worn admimral's ringWorn Admiral’s Ring, Ring
All damage received is increased by 200%. All damage dealt is increased by 10%.
Sold by Reggie.

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