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How to Setup Controller Support for Once Human Beta!

How to Setup Controller Support for Once Human Beta!

Hey there! I finally figured out how to use your controller in the Once Human beta test. You’ll need to set the game up in Steam and use their custom inputs. I walk you through all the steps in this video tutorial to follow along and the written guide is below.


  1. Open Steam as admin (mine didn’t work until I did this step)
  2. Steam > Settings > Controller > Make sure your controller type is ENABLED
  3. Steam > Settings > Library > Add a non-Steam game
  4. Search for Once Human and Add Selected Programs
  5. Navigate to Games > Once Human > Gear Icon > Properties
  6. Make sure your TARGET and START IN are pointing to your Once Human game directory
  7. TARGET should be the Loading Bay Launcher
  8. Click on the Controller Icon to set you custom layout options or use my shared community layout!

For now, you still have to use your keyboard for building and other features, but I’ll be updating my layout as I play and need more custom buttons. Hope this helps!

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