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Druid Leveling Guide for Season 3

Druid Leveling Guide for Season 3

Diablo IV Season of the Construct is hours away, and just like cramming for a test, we’re publishing all the leveling guides last minute. This article will outline the most efficient and strongest way to level your Lightning Storm Druid in Season 3. Of course we want to try out the new unique gloves Unsung Ascetic’s Wraps this season, so let’s leveling with lightning storm to learn the build before we farm for the unique! This guide will get you through the early levels and into WT4 so you can start farming for gear to put your end game build together.

Druid Leveling Guide for Season 3

First, let’s go over the steps you’ll take when the season first starts. If you’d rather level to 100 casually, do whatever is fun. However, if you want to get XP quickly, here’s what you need to do. After you create your character, select world tier 2. Navigate to the map and claim all your renown rewards (assuming you have done that on your eternal character already). This will give you 10 skill points to start at level 1. Assign those skill points like so:

  • Storm Strike
  • Enhanced Storm Strike
  • Lightning Storm
  • Enhanced Lightning Storm
  • Raging Lightning Storm
  • Lightning Storm
  • Blood Howl
  • Cyclone Armor
  • Enhanced Cyclone Armor
  • Enhanced Blood Howl
HurricaneBlood HowlCyclone ArmorGrizzly RageLightning StormStorm Strike
this is what your skill bar should look like at level 50

Start the Season!

After these 10 points are allocated, you’ll start the seasonal campaign and progress it as far as possible. Ideally you’ll be able to unlock the Seneschal Companion early. Then proceed to one of the most efficient dungeons and start farming that juicy XP! The dungeon depends on whether you are leveling as a group or not. For group leveling, try Champion’s Demise (you may be familiar with this one from D4 launch!). Each party member can take a branch of the first room and clear those areas before resetting the dungeon.

If you are solo, Blind Burrows dungeon has a great density of spiders for farming XP. Run through the first area of the dungeon, clear the enemies, and reset the dungeon before you progress and complete it.

Your goal is to farm XP until you hit level 15. At that point, leave the dungeon farming to complete your class quest to unlock your boons. These are the rest of the skill points to allocate as you level from 2-50, using the skill bar shown above.

Leveling Up to 50

  1. (the 10 points from renown)
  2. Preserving Cyclone Armor
  3. Preserving Blood Howl
  4. Lightning Storm
  5. Lightning Storm
  6. Lightning Storm
  7. Nature’s Reach
  8. Nature’s Reach
  9. Nature’s Reach
  10. Hurricane
  11. Enhanced Hurricane
  12. Ancestral Fortitude
  13. Predatory Instinct
  14. Digitigrade Gait
  15. Digitigrade Gait
  16. Digitigrade Gait
  17. Predatory Instinct
  18. Predatory Instinct
  19. Vigilance
  20. Savage Hurricane
  21. Neurotoxin
  22. Toxic Claws
  23. Envenom
  24. Elemental Exposure
  25. Grizzly Rage
  26. Prime Grizzly Rage
  27. Supreme Grizzly Rage
  28. Ursine Strength
  29. Elemental Exposure
  30. Elemental Exposure
  31. Elemental Exposure
  32. Charged Atmosphere
  33. Electric Shock
  34. Electric Shock
  35. Electric Shock
  36. Vigilance
  37. Vigilance
  38. Defiance
  39. Natural Disaster
  40. Envenom
  41. Envenom
  42. Defiance
  43. Defiance
  44. Natural Disaster
  45. Circle of Life
  46. Natural Disaster
  47. Heart of the Wild
  48. Wild Impulses
  49. Wild Impulses
  50. Wild Impulses

It looks like a long process, but it really shouldn’t be too bad now that our XP rates are nice and quick. Especially if you have some friends to do it with. If you don’t, make sure you pop a potion for that added 5% XP. As you level up to 50, you want to start looking for Aspects that will help you build out your Lightning Storm Druid. Look out for Lightning Dancer’s Aspect, Aspect of the Rampaging Werebeast, Dire Wolf’s Aspect, and Mighty Storm’s Aspect. Keep your eyes peeled for the new Unsung Ascetic’s Wraps unique gloves and of course, Tempest Roar! This is the final Lightning Storm Druid skill tree.

Shouts: Wariness, Avian Wrath, Calamity, Masochistic, and Calm Before the Storm

Unlocking World Tier 3 and 4

Now you can unlock WT3 and finish your seasonal campaign if you haven’t already. The next 10 levels are up to you. Either stay in the dungeons, farming that sweet XP, or enjoy the open world, new seasonal activities, Helltide, world bosses, etc. Once you are around level 57 or so, start farming Nightmare Dungeons for glyph XP. At level 65, unlock WT4. Now your focus should be on farming materials to fight bosses and collect unique items. Keep an eye out for the Hellhammer and Ring of Red Furor, Banished Lord’s Talisman, and Tuskhelm of Joritz the Mighty. You can incorporate these very well into an Upheaval build. And that’s it! Have fun leveling and enjoy Diablo IV’s Season of the Construct.

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