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Blizzard (Ice Spikes) Sorcerer Build Guide

Blizzard (Ice Spikes) Sorcerer Build Guide


I’ve been working on perfecting the Blizzard (Ice Spikes) Sorcerer build LIVE on my Twitch stream for over a week now! There have been some ups and downs, but I landed on the perfect Blizzard build for solo and coop. This build maxes out crowd control and boss stun potential. You can push higher nightmare dungeons, breeze through helltide and help freeze and stun enemies for your friends!

In my YouTube video (linked at the bottom of this article), I show solo runs in 58 and 53 nightmare dungeons, as well as a boss kill so you can see how quickly enemies die, even at level 112. Normally there’s no reason to farm dungeons that high above your level (you stop getting extra XP after +3), but it’s nice for the glyph XP. This build can speed through nightmare dungeons in the 40s but also push 60s in a group.

Alright, let’s get in to all the parts you need to run this build.

Unique Armor

We use one unique armor piece in that build, and I bet you can guess which one… Raiment of the Infinite. I know, many of you don’t have this unique yet and are waiting for that nice shiny drop. In the meantime, you can still run this build without it, you just won’t be able to group enemies up as much, leading to a bit slower clear times. If you’re running with a Necromancer, have them pull everyone in with corpse tendrils for you!


BlizzardIce ArmorFlame ShieldTeleportFrost NovaDeep Freeze


  • Ice Shards – Ice Shards automatically conjure and fly towards Frozen enemies.
  • Firebolt – Direct damage from Skills applies up to an additional 23.44% Burning damage over 8 seconds. (This allows us to use Damage to Burning attributes and Devouring Blaze passive)

You can play around with difference enchantments instead of ice shards, but I found it wasn’t worth putting skill points in to something else and ice shards put out more damage. Ice Blades can work for applying vulnerable to a single target (like Uber Lilith ;)).

For this build, you want to target the following attributes on your armor: +Frost Nova, +Defensive Skills, +Devouring Blaze Passive, Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Lucky Hit Chance (lucky hit chance to heal is nice on focus), Cooldown Reduction, Intellect, Mana Cost Reduction.

Interactive Skill Tree here.

Skill Points

  • Firebolt (2)
  • Ice Shards (1) -> Enhanced Ice Shards -> Greater Ice Shards
    • note: greater ice shards is used for enchantment
  • Passives: Devastation (1)
  • Flame Shield (1) -> Enhanced Flame Shield (1) -> Shimmering Flame Shield (1)
  • Teleport (5) -> Enhanced Teleport (1) -> Shimmering Teleport (1)
  • Ice Armor (1) -> Enhanced Ice Armor (1) -> Shimmering Ice Armor (1)
  • Frost Nova (5) -> Enhanced Frost Nova (1) -> Mystical Frost Nova (1)
  • Passives: Glass Cannon (3)
  • Passives: Precision Magic (3) + Align the Elements (1) -> Protection (1)
  • Passives: Inner Flames (1) -> Devouring Blaze (3)
  • Blizzard (1), Enhanced Blizzard (1)
  • Passives: Icy Veil, Cold Front
  • Deep Freeze (1), Prime Deep Freeze (1), Supreme Deep Freeze (1)
  • Passives: Permafrost (3) -> Icy Touch (3) -> Hoarfrost (3) -> Frigid Breeze (1)
  • Passive: Shatter (1) OR Avalanche (1) OR Vyr’s Mastery (1)

Aspects & Gems

  • Exploiter’s Aspect
  • Frostblitz Aspect
  • Aspect of the Frozen Tundra
  • Aspect of Binding Embers
  • Conceited Aspect
  • Glacial Aspect (on Amulet)
  • Prodigy’s Aspect OR Aspect of the Umbral
  • Aspect of Control
  • Aspect of Retribution
  • Weapon – Sapphire
  • Armor – Topaz
  • Jewelry – Skulls

Paragon Boards & Glyphs

Use this link for your LVL 100 Paragon Board

Starting Board / Imbiber Glyph
Icefall Board / Frostbite Glyph
Frigid Fate / Tactician
Static Surge Board / Exploit
Burning Instinct Board / Control Glyph
Searing Heat Board / Flamefeeder Glyph

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Abby is born and raised in South Florida, and now calls Atlanta home. A former NCAA Division I athlete (rowing) with a career in online marketing and media. Abby enjoys pretty much any looter shooter! Some of her favorite games are: Borderlands, Overwatch, Halo, Titanfall, Destiny, Remnant, and The Division.