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Move Over Ritualist, Invoker is the Next Remnant 2 Archetype!

Move Over Ritualist, Invoker is the Next Remnant 2 Archetype!

Gunfire Games just revealed the new Remnant 2 archetype, Invoker, releasing on April 23rd with the latest DLC, The Forgotten Kingdom. You can read more about the DLC announcement here, but this article is all about the Invoker!

I am absolutely giddy watching this trailer, because the Invoker is everything I could have asked for in a nature summoner. They harness the mystic powers of the jungle to invoke devastating storms of lightning, water, and earth. Their skills apply unique debuffs to the enemy, and in some cases, buffs to your allies as well! This archetype really reminds me of the Warden class in Elder Scrolls Online, with such amazing beautiful visuals.

The Invoker will pair with so many existing archetypes to create different builds to suit your playstyle. Personally, I’m looking forward to Medic/Invoker, Invoker/Ritualist, Invoker/Hunter. I know there will be some amazing Invoker/Summoner builds as well, to tap into the Yaesha environment. Speaking of Yaesha, because the DLC is set in this world, we will most likely see more summons rings and amulets! So keep an eye out for that.

Remnant 2 Invoker Perks

Remnant 2’s Invoker is coming in hot with these amazing archetype perks! First up we have the Prime Perk which DOUBLES Base skill charges for all archetypes. Skill activation reduces all skill cooldowns by 10%. And yes, this STACKS with the Hyperconductor amulet which doubles skill charges as well. Both of these items also double heavy weapon ammo, which is the Engineer’s turret! An Engineer/Invoker boss killing combo would go crazy.

Next up is the damage perk, which increases skill damage by 30%, elemental damage by 15% and skill and elemental critical chance by 5%. This is amazing! I’ll be on the look out for skills that also do elemental damage, like Ritualist’s Miasma.

The Team Perk reduces skill cooldowns by 1% and heals 2% max health once every 3s for allies while an Invoker skill is active. This perk, plus one of the Invoker skills, is why I think Medic/Invoker will be an AMAZING combo for those of us that love to heal up our coop glass cannons (me!). Putting medic first for the relic recharge will also help uptime on all your skills.

The Utility Perk for Invoker increases movement speed by 5% and damage reduction by 5% while an Invoker SKill is active. This is a nice quality of life perk, but nothing game changing. You could combine this with handler and boost team movement, but I think other archetypes do this better. The 5% damage reduction is really nice though!

The last perk is the Relic perk which states, on relic use, extend the duration of active Invoker skills by 20% of the base duration. Cannot exceed base duration. Relic Use Speed Increased by 25% while an Invoker Skill is active. You can now see why Medic/Invoker would be a match made in healer heaven! Extending your skills, like the Medic shield (!!) and Invoker AOE heal, I can’t wait!

Remnant 2 Invoker Skills

The first skill you will unlock as Invader is the Way of Kaeula. Invoke Kaeula to case a Tidal Wave, dealing elemental damage and conjuring a rainstorm. Allies in side the rainstorm gain HASTE and enemies inside the rainstorm gain DRENCHED. Drenches is a new debuff unique to the Invoker Archetype (so far!) and reduces movement speed by 10% and every few seconds, lightning strikes enemies dealing shock damage split among DRENCHED targets. So my prediction about more SHOCK items was correct and I hope we get to see the DRENCHED debuff on a weapon mod or boss weapon mod in the DLC.

The Invader’s second skill is Way of Meidra. Invoke Meidra to heal all allies for 20% Max Health over 1.5s and conjure a Forest Growth. After fully blooming, allies in the Forest Growth heal 2% Max Health per second and gain 3% of base damage dealt as Lifesteal. Enemies inside Forest Growth gain GLOOM for 10s. GLOOM is another new debuff that increases incoming Elemental damage by 15%! This is for your whole team as well, so Invoker will be an amazing coop teammate with both debuffs and heals!

The last Invoker skill is called Way of Lydusa. Invoke Lydusa to infuse Ranges and Melee Damage with the power to apply BRITTLE. This is another new debuff that increases incoming Critical Change by 5% and Critical Damage by 15%! So Invoker can even fit into a DPS build with Hunter or Gunslinger! With BRITTLE, you generate Sand Devils through damage or kills. Reactivating the skill consumes all Sand Devils generated and casts a 15m Sand Blast dealing 100 Elemental Damage per charge. Max 10 charges. Imaging using Enigma or a melee weapon that can hit multiple targets. You can apply so many stacks of Sand Devils, then BLAST.

The only downside of the Invoker is that I can only run one skill! I can’t wait until April 23rd when I can dive in to the Remnant 2 DLC, The Forgotten Kingdom and try out the Invoker myself!

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