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How to Get the Profane Heart Lifesteal Relic from Infested Abyss

How to Get the Profane Heart Lifesteal Relic from Infested Abyss

The secret’s don’t stop in Remnant 2’s latest DLC, The Forgotten Kingdom. This article will walk you through how to get the Profane Heart lifesteal relic as well as the other rewards in the Infested Abyss dungeon. In this dungeon you’ll find the Profane Soul Stone amulet, the Profane Heart Relic, Near-Sighted mutator, Crystal Staff melee weapon, and the Conjurer’s Circle ring.

Infested Abyss Walkthrough

The Infested Abyss is a random side dungeon you will come across in Yaesha during a campaign or adventure run. In this dungeon, your goal is to destroy all the Root Nexus’s and get to the end while defeating waves of enemies, including many elite enemies.

During this dungeon, “[a]s you approach the third Root Nexus, two Root Flyers will ascend from a hole in the ground. After dispatching them, drop down into the hole to a hidden lower platform. Turn around and follow the path to find the Conjurer’s Circle.” This information is from Remnant.Wiki, a great resource for finding items in Remnant 2.

conjurer's circle

The rest of the rewards will be at the end of the dungeon. You’ll see the Crystal Staff melee weapon at the end, laying in a coffin. Then, after that, you’ll get to the small checkpoint, signifying the end of the dungeon. HOWEVER, this is not the end as you’ll see an NPC icon above you on the map. This is the Emissary.

All Emissary Endings

You can fight The Emissary right away. He’ll become an aberration that drops the mutator Near-Sighted. Near-Sighted increases ranged damage of the weapon by 10%-20% to enemies within 7m. At level 10 it increases ranged critical chance of the weapon by 10% to enemies within 7m.

The second option with The Emissary is to submit to him. If you do this, by picking all the friendly dialogue options, he’ll give you the Profane Soul Stone. This amulet increases Summons Damage by 30% and Summon Movement Speed by 30%. It also reduces total Damage Reduction by 10% per active Summon.

But there’s a way to cleanse the Soul Stone and remove the negative aspect of this amulet! All you have to is make your way to the Labyrinth and speak to the Keeper (the big eyeball). You can do this in your campaign, even if the Infested Abyss is in your adventure. Watch the video linked above if you’d like to see the process to cleansing your Soul Stone.

The other option for the Profance Soul Stone is to bring it BACK to the Emissary after speaking with the Keeper. In this scenario, you’ll need to visit the Keeper, talk to him, but decide to keep the Profane Soul Stone. When you bring it back to the Emissary, he will reward you with the ultimate gift of the Profane Heart relic.

This relic gives you innate 3% LIfesteal bonus. On use, increase all Lifesteal Efficacy by 50% for 15s. This is a must-have relic for many builds that take advantage of lifesteal.

profane heart
profane heart

The Burden Hardest to Bear

Making either decision will give you the achivement, The Burden Hardest to Bear. Who will you side with? Root and corruption or the Keeper of Worlds?

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