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How to Solve Losomn Dungeon Secrets in Remnant 2

How to Solve Losomn Dungeon Secrets in Remnant 2

It’s easy to miss these 10 dungeon secrets in Losomn. Because they’re not the main puzzles in the dungeon, but rather little side secrets that can pop up anywhere. I’m going to show you how to recognize these secret areas and how to complete them to score some loot! These are called injectables because they can be injected into any dungeon based on their theme – Burning buildings, Fae castle, Sewers.

As you probably know, the DLC is also in Losomn, and of course I’ll be covering all the new content here and on my YouTube channel, but you may run into some of these base game Losomn dungeon puzzles if you repeat the area on adventure mode!

The secrets I’m about to show you are injected into each dungeon and are random based on the theme of the dungeon. For example, dungeons like Cotton’s Kiln and the Butcher’s Quarter, the ones with all the burning buildings, could have the destroyed roof injectable where you can find the Effigy pendant and the Cleansing Stone amulet. I’ll group the injectables based on their dungeon theme so you know what to look for. You can also find these injectables regardless of your storyline. So whether you start in the Palace Courtyard or Morrow Parish, these injectables can show up randomly in the dungeons.


Dark and Light Torches

This injectable can spawn in any Fae Castle themed dungeon, like the Council Chamber or The Great Hall. You want to look for a long hallway on the map. On the sides of the room, you’ll notice white and blue (or dark/light) torch lights. The goal of this dungeon puzzle is to make the torches all the same color by shooting them. Each torch will change the color of other torches. Keep shooting at different ones until they all become the same color on one side. Repeat this on the other side. There are two rewards for this injectable, so you will need to reroll an adventure mode or campaign to get both rewards. For all white torches, you will get the White Pawn Stamp ring. For all blue torches, you will get the Black Pawn Stamp ring.

Plain Ribbon + Statue

To find the ribbon statue injectable, you need to look for a circular area on the map. There you’ll find a statue with two Fae holding hands. In the same dungeon, you’ll also find a plain ribbon. There are a few spots where the ribbon can spawn but it will have a red item glow. Once you acquire the plain ribbon, bring it back to the Fae statue and place it on their hands. The next time to visit that dungeon, the ribbon will have transformed into a gold or silver ribbon. The color of the ribbon depends on whether your dungeon is set in the day time or at night. The Gold Ribbon Amulet is given as a reward for completing the ribbon statue injectable during the day, and the Silver Ribbon Amulet is given at night.

Executioner aberration event

Yes, this aberration event is a random dungeon injectable. If you see this statue layout in your world, then you have this event. Approach the statue and look to the right-side wall. There will be a framed picture you can destroy to reveal a hole in the wall.

Once you destroy this wall, you can head down to the secret area and spawn the Executioner aberration boss. This is a difficult fight as you need to navigate through small hallways in waist-deep water. I have the best success with a turret build against this aberration. One you beat the Executioner, you will get the Steadfast mutator. Then, further along this area, you’ll notice a small room to the right side. It will have a lot of calcified bodies and a purple item on a table across a wall of stalactites. Shoot the body on the ledge and climb up to access the area with the table. This is how you get the Ornate Flail melee weapon.


Water rising sewer event

You will recognize this sewer injectable if you find a circular entrance in the sewer that is blocked by destructible wood and shelving. After destroying it, you’ll come to an open area with wooden platforms. Jump to the walkway and find the slug blocking the pipe. Shoot him to get him out of the pipe and start the water flow into the room.

You’ll now need to come back to the area after about 90 minutes of real world time. Do not reroll your adventure or campaign during that time. When you come back, there will be wood pallets to jump on in order to get across the room. Inside this area will be the Meridian Grenade Launcher. Also located on the wooden walkways in the main area is the Burden of the Divine ring.

Sewer safe combination

This next injectable is marked by a destroyed sewer wall like the picture above. Enter the hole in the wall and turn left. Crouch under the entrance and you’ll find a locked safe. The combination will always be a form of the numbers 5, 8, 1, 3. The combination to the safe will hidden in the numbers on the wall. You’ll find one number glowing and it will be shown in the place it will be in the combination. So, if the number on the wall is 2951 and the 5 is glowing, the 5 is in the 3rd slot. Open the safe and receive the Rusted Heirloom ring.

Severed hand event

You’ll be able to identify this sewer injectable by the large entrance blocked by some wood and a fire barrel. Shoot the barrel to remove the debris and enter the area. Eventually the area will open up to a bunch of hanging cages. In one of the cages, you’ll see a purple item hanging from one of the people in the cages. If you shoot the purple item, his hand will fall to the platform below. Make your way up to the platform using the ladders and wooden walkways. Before you drop down, make sure to look around for the Stockpile Charger ring. Dropping down to a wooden path will take you to the item you dropped earlier. It will be a Severed Hand and is located in your quest items section. Interact with the Severed Hand in your inventory and it will reveal the Ring of the Damned.


Gorge aberration event

This injectable is located in the burning building dungeons. You’ll notice it by the large sink hole in the ground. Walk around until you find a short pathway off the map. When you take this pathway you’ll see the dead end isn’t really a dead end. You can crouch under and take the secret entrance. You’ll find the Shiny Hog Lure ring before you drop down to the aberration fight location. Pulling the lever at the bottom will start the fight. After you defeat the Gorge aberration, you’ll receive the Twisting Wounds mutator.

Bird rooftops

This injectable can be very difficult to recognize as you’re going through the burning building dungeons. Check out the map below to see what it looks like on the map. You’ll notice the break in the outline on your radar. You can also notice the feather roof tile on the ground.

Shoot the fire barrel and crouch through the entrance. You’ll need to walk across the rooftop and jump across to the other roof corner before dropping down. Make your way to the end of the alleyway to collect the Cleansing Stone amulet. Across the way will be a small shack with a red drop. The wooden box will be in your quest inventory. Interact with the wooden box to open it and collect the Effigy Pendant.

Burning Building

The final injectable in the burning building dungeons is a burning house itself! To recognize this secret, you’ll see some step ups to grapple on the side of the house. Making your way up these will allow you to enter the house. It’s a bit of a maze, with burning enemies and fire barrels. Within this house there are 2 chests and by climbing up the stairs and following the path you’ll come out the back of the house. If you have trouble with the path, check out the video at the top of this article. I’ve provided timestamps to jump to the correct injectable. In the courtyard you’ll find the Burden of the Warlock ring.

Those are all the dungeon injectable secrets/puzzles in Losomn!

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