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How to Find Nimue in New Remnant 2 DLC

How to Find Nimue in New Remnant 2 DLC

There’s a lot of confusion about how to find Nimue in the new Awakened King DLC for Remnant 2. It can actually be very simple but easy to miss. Most people have been completing the DLC without even visiting her and she is an integral part of the story. I’m going to show you the location and how to get there if you want to save Nimue!

If you’d prefer a video guide, check out the path to Nimue below.

The first step is to find the Palace of the One True King. You will have passed past this map on your way to talk to the King. So, find a crystal and fast travel back to the main crystal of that map. Once you spawn at the main crystal, head left and go up the staircase.

In the middle of the staircase, there’s a door you can go through, leading to some Fae enemies and a balcony like this:

Drop down off the balcony. You will see a shortcut door on one side and another path on the other. The otherside will take you down another spiral staircase to a travel door. Travelling through that door will take you to Nimue’s tower! There are a few enemies and an aberration to fight before you get to her. This will also lead you to the Ritualist armor set.

Good luck!

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