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How to Get All 3 Endings in Remnant 2’s Latest DLC – The Forgotten Kingdom

How to Get All 3 Endings in Remnant 2’s Latest DLC – The Forgotten Kingdom

You’ll be surprised how many endings and different cut scenes there are for the final boss, Lydusa, in Remnant 2’s Forgotten Kingdom. This article will go over your choice for the ending, the rewards and all the secrets! My video is below also if you’d rather listen to the endings!

The starting area for the DLC is Glittering Grotto. You can choose the Forgotten Kingdom adventure to make it more likely to spawn DLC dungeons and mini-bosses. Once you get to Glittering Grotto, you’ll find your story narrator/NPC, Walt. Make sure to talk to him and befriend him the first time you run through the story. This will get you an additional item at the end.

He will sell a few consumables and two rings. Ravager’s Bargain and Burden of the Mesmer. The Burden ring is 100,000 scrap at the beginning, so don’t buy it just yet. When Walt considers you a friend, he’ll lower the price to 1,000. You can even get it for FREE if you execute the third ending (pun intended).

Ravager’s Bargain

Burden of the Mesmer

To befriend him, speak nicely and care about him, do not exhaust all his dialogue. Eventually, at the 4th location, he will consider you a friend and give you a discount on the Burden of the Mesmer ring (1,000).  After you’ve done this, it’s time to located the Cherished Fracture quest item. This is inside the statue, which you can enter once you release the root holding back the water.

Picking up the Cherished Fracture will signal the start of your choice in endings.

The first, and easiest, is to go back to Lydua’s spirit, she will AUTOMATICALLY trigger the cutscene and fight, so make sure you don’t walk up to her unless you’re ready for the boss fight and want to do this option. Picking this option will reward you with her weapon, Monolith. This weapon is a beam rifle with a Sandstorm mod that does EXPOSED.

After killing Lydusa, go back to Walt for a gift! He’ll give you Feathery Binding if you have befriended him with previous dialogue. He should also give you the discount on Burden of the Mesmer.

If you have Goddess’s Rest dungeon you can execute Lydusa’s alternative ending. Once you have the Cherished Fracture, head to Goddess’s Rest dungeon and place it in the bowl within the inner chamber. A cut scene will trigger and this ending will give you the Blossoming Core, which you take to McCabe to get the melee weapon, Mirage

Goddess’s Rest will also reward you with the Bloodless Crown Helmet on the table and the Bloodless Heart Relic behind an illusory wall. But those are not tied to story options. If you DO NOT do this alternative option for Lydusa, you’ll also encounter the Bloodless Heir aberration and be rewarded with the Bloodless King’s Vow Ring and the Searing Wounds mutator.

After both of these outcomes, you’ll find the Tear of Lydusa ring at her Bloodless Throne when you return.

The THIRD outcome you can achieve with the Cherished Fracture is to take it back to WALT! He’ll have different dialogue depending on how you’ve treated him in prior areas. For me, we got this to work by limiting our dialogue with him, but making sure to talk to him at least once. Make sure you talk to him in the 4th location before getting the Cherished Fracture. Then, once you have the Cherished Fracture, bring it back to Walt. He’ll notice that you have something weird on you.

Once you leave his dialogue, you’ll see another cut scene where Walt takes the Cherished Fracture! The only option left now is to go fight Lydusa. You’ll see ANOTHER cut scene with Walt and fight Lydusa normally. This will result in getting the Burden of Mesmer ring for free.

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