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The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had on Warlock in Destiny 2

The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had on Warlock in Destiny 2

If you’re looking for a fun and effective Warlock build in Destiny 2, look no further because this is the most fun I’ve ever had on Warlock! Now that Warlock is unchained from Well of Radiance, she can finally experiment with other builds in Destiny 2’s end game. I posted a video on YouTube with a similar build, but adding the Bleakwatcher aspect just takes it to another level.

This guide will walk you through an exciting new build that uses the exotic armor gloves called Getaway Artist, the new Prismatic subclass, and the powerful Song of Flame super. This build excels in ad clear and performs exceptionally well in end game content. The best part? You’ll always have three elemental buddies fighting by your side: the Hellion Solar Soul, the Bleakwatcher Turret, and the Sentient Arc Soul. Let’s dive into what makes this build so unique and how you can make the most of it.

Warlock Build Overview

Harnessing the Power of Prismatic and Song of Flame

This Warlock build is all about maximizing the synergy between the Getaway Artist, the Prismatic subclass, and the Song of Flame super. The Getaway Artist exotic gloves allow you to transform your grenade into a powerful Sentient Arc Soul, providing additional firepower. The Prismatic subclass introduces new fragments that complement this build perfectly, while the Song of Flame super ensures you have a devastating tool for both ad clear and boss damage. Song of Flame is also great for damage resistance!

Key Abilities and Exotics

Getaway Artist: The Core of the Build

The Getaway Artist exotic gloves are a game-changer for Warlocks. When you consume your grenade, you summon a Sentient Arc Soul that acts as a turret, providing continuous damage to enemies. This not only boosts your DPS but also adds a layer of protection and support. Adding the Bleakwatcher aspect from Prismatic will also send out a stasis turret when you consume your grenade.

Prismatic Subclass: Versatility and Power

The Prismatic subclass brings a range of abilities and fragments that enhance your elemental damage and survivability. This season, the artifact will also provide damage resistance while amplified (30%) and radiant (25% damage increase) when you pick up an orb or power.

Your Elemental Buddies

Meet Your Companions: Hellion Solar Soul, Bleakwatcher Turret, and Sentient Arc Soul

One of the most exciting aspects of this build is the constant presence of your elemental buddies. The Hellion Solar Soul, Bleakwatcher Turret, and Sentient Arc Soul provide continuous support and damage, ensuring you’re never alone on the battlefield.

  • Hellion Solar Soul: A fiery companion that deals solar damage, helping you scorch enemies.
  • Bleakwatcher Turret: A stasis turret that slows and freezes enemies, providing crowd control and additional damage.
  • Sentient Arc Soul: Summoned by consuming your grenade, this arc soul acts as a mobile turret, continuously damaging enemies.

Double Trouble: Triggering Both Arc Soul and Stasis Turret

What sets this build apart is the unique mechanic of consuming your grenade. By doing so, you not only trigger the Sentient Arc Soul but also activate the Bleakwatcher Turret. This combination provides a significant boost in both offensive and defensive capabilities.

Check out the Getaway Artist Warlock Build DIM Link here.

With the Getaway Artist exotic gloves, the Prismatic subclass, and the Song of Flame super, this Warlock build offers a fun and powerful way to tackle Destiny 2’s toughest challenges. Whether you’re clearing waves of enemies or taking on end game content, this build ensures you have the tools you need to succeed. Give it a try, and let us know how it works for you!

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