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New Remnant 2 DLC Coming April 23rd! The Forgotten Kingdom

New Remnant 2 DLC Coming April 23rd! The Forgotten Kingdom

It finally happened! We got an announcement from Gunfire Games on the second DLC coming April 23rd for Remnant 2. You’ll be able to purchase The Forgotten Kingdom for $9.99 on PC, Playstation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. They’ll even have a bundle deal for $23.99 if you’re interested in ALL THREE DLCs (last one TBA). The Forgotten Kingdom takes place in Yaesha where you’ll meet and learn about the lost tribe and how they’ve suffered the wrath of a stone spirit named Lydusa. In this all new location and storyline, you’ll encounter new dungeons, events, bosses, and unlock new gear, items, and a brand new archetype – The Invoker.

We’ll learn more about the new archetype, The Invoker, next week during the reveal trailer, but in interviews Gunfire Games has revealed that this archetype will invoke the spirit of Yaesha to harness its power.

You only have a week to prepare! So go grab all the items you’ve missed in Yaesha with this handy guide.

I also did an in depth breakdown of the trailer that you can watch here.

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