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Class Balance Changes Coming to Season 3

Class Balance Changes Coming to Season 3

Diablo IV Class Balance

Big class balance changes coming to Diablo 4 next week, January 23rd, with the launch of season 3. Here’s a recap from the Developer Update live stream on January 18th. Full patch notes will be published on the 19th (tomorrow!).


Improvements to Charge

  • moving power to the baseline skill from legendaries/other effects
  • it’s going to do a lot more damage now

Many buffs to Key Passives, such as diablo developer update season 3

Adjusting Shouts – Want to make having multiple shouts on your bar feel like less of a requirement but keep it as an option.


  • Buffs coming to some Spirit Boons – example: Prickleskin’s Thorns amount is being greatly increased
  • Rabies is getting some upgrades – New Legendary (see below) and a buff to enhanced rabies
  • New unique for Lightning Storm


  • Lightning Spear Critical Strikes now have the ability to make enemies Vulnerable!
  • Some buffs to Paragon Legendary Nodes
  • Meteor build is getting some updates/buffs and a new unique!


  • Blood and Iron Golems now attack in a small area, similar to the Bone Golem
  • Friendly players and minions can now move through Bone Prison
  • Many Bone Spirit upgrades, including a redesign of the Aspect of Swelling Curse


  • Buffs to underused skills and skill upgrades
  • Many updates to ranged builds to make them more viable and fun – Changes to ranges Uniques, including Windforce, Skyhunter, and Eaglehorn

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