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Infinite Meteor Sorcerer is Possible in Diablo IV Season 3

Infinite Meteor Sorcerer is Possible in Diablo IV Season 3

With only a few more days to go before Diablo IV Season of the Construct, we’ll be covering theory-crafting and leveling for all classes so you can pick your favorite build! First up is meteor Sorcerer!

Infinite Fire Meteor Sorcerer

The Infinite Fire Meteor Sorcerer may emerge in Diablo IV’s Season 3 as the best build for Sorcerer. As we learned from the Developer Update on the 18th, Sorcerers will get a new unique helmet called Starfall Coronet. This unique is all about the skill Meteor:

Meteor now has 2 charges with a [11-6] second charge cooldown instead of a mana cost, and drops 3 additional meteors around the target. Meteor’s Enchantment Effect and Enhanced Meteor drop 1 additional meteor.

In other words, with this unique, you get an extra charge of Meteor and every Meteor drops an additional 3 Meteors plus the Meteor enchantment effect will drop even MORE Meteors! The Sorcerer skill tree also has meteor “Enhanced Meteor” – If a cast of Meteor hits 3 or more enemies, there is a 30% chance an additional Meteor falls on the same location. And in Diablo 4, your procs can also trigger procs themselves! So you can see how this can get ridiculous pretty quickly!

The Meteor Enchantment procs on Lucky Hit, which you can see above that Lucky Hit Chance is also an attribute of the Starfall Coronet unique helmet. So with this build we will be stacking Lucky Hit Chance and Critical Chance/Damage. Sorcerer has so many ways to increase their Lucky Hit Chance, so we should be able to max it out quite efficiently. You’ll also want to use firewall “Firewall Enchantment” – Up to 30% chance when dealing with Burning damage to spawn 2 Firewalls for 3 seconds. to spawn even more skills to burn the enemies.

Credit to Rob2628’s theorycrafting of this Season 3 Sorcerer Meteor build. He explains how in Season 3, with Starfall Coronet unique helmet, you can stack Lucky Hit Chance to 50% per target on Meteor, which means that you will only need to hit two (2) targets to start the infinite chain of Meteor/Firewall procs. This is amazing! Obviously we will need to test this out in game once Season 3 starts, but as a Sorcerer main, I’m very excited to try this out once I get the unique helmet.

Paragon Board Updates for Meteor Sorcerer

From the patch notes posted on January 19th, we also know Sorcerer will also see these changes to their paragon nodes. These changes will buff fire builds and meteor significantly in Season 3 of Diablo IV.

Searing Heat

  • Fixed an issue where the Critical Strike Chance bonus was not properly applying.
  • Critical Strike Chance bonus increased from +10% to 12%.
    • New description: Pyromancy skills have a +12% increased Critical Strike Chance and deal increased Direct damage equal to 10% of your Damage with Fire bonus, up to x30%.

Elemental Summoner

  • Conjuration damage bonus increased from x3% to x5% of the total amount of your Bonus Damage with Fire, Lightning, and Cold.
    • New description: Your Conjuration Skills have x10% reduced Cooldown or Mana cost. They also deal bonus damage equal to x5% of the total amount of your Bonus Damage with Fire, Lightning, and Cold.

Burning Instinct

  • Amount of Intelligence required to gain x1% bonus Burning Damage reduced from 75 to 25.
    • New description: Your Burning damage is increased by x10% of your Critical Strike Damage Bonus, plus x1% for every 25 Intelligence you have.

For a look at the Season 3 leveling build for Rob’s Infinite Meteor Build for Sorcerer, check out the skill tree and initial Paragon Board on D4Builds.

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