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Vampnado 2.0 – Tornado Druid Build S2

Vampnado 2.0 – Tornado Druid Build S2

How the Build Works

Full explanation in the video below, I highly recommend watching it for an in-depth breakdown of the build.

Items and Skill Tree


  • Helm – (Unique) Tempest Roar
  • Chest Armor – (Unique) Mad Wolf’s Glee
  • Gloves – Stormchaser’s Aspect
  • Pants – (Unique) Tibault’s Will
  • Boots – Aspect of the Dark Howl
  • Weapon – Shepherd’s Aspect
  • Amulet – Aspect of Retaliation
  • Ring 1 – Dire Wolf’s Aspect
  • Ring 2 – Aspect of the Rampaging Werebeast

Vampiric Powers

  • Major – Metamorphosis
  • Minor – Undying, Anticipation, Sanguine Brace and Prey on the Weak

Spirit Boons

For the Spirit Boons, you want:

  • Deer: Wariness
  • Eagle (Double): Iron Feather and Swooping Attacks
  • Wolf: Calamity
  • Snake: Calm Before the Storm

Paragon Board

This is the Paragon Board for the Vampnado 2.0 Druid

[skill-tree-and-main build-url=”″]

Although we take points into Storm Strike, it is not used in the rotation. It is simply used to unlock the next section of the Skill Tree.


For more information on the gear and skill tree, check out the build on D4Builds

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