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Penetrating Shot/Rapid Fire Rogue Build Guide

Penetrating Shot/Rapid Fire Rogue Build Guide


I created this build after twisting blades got me through the campaign and I was looking for something different at end game. I really enjoy penetrating shot for mobs, but for single target elites and bosses, it feels underwhelming when it doesn’t crit. Rapid fire is more consistent for single target damage, so we use both skills accordingly.

This build also uses Combo Points for the Rogue specialization. So, you will use three basic attacks before your core skill attack and always use shadow imbuement on cooldown. Concealment and Shadow Step are used for getting out of crowd control effects.

There are a few modifications you can make to this build for solo vs coop play, that I’ll mention below. Here is a video of the gameplay in a level 56 nightmare dungeon (lvl 110 enemies).


The Condemnation dagger is best in slot for any combo point rogue build.

I don’t use Penitent Greaves (the chill boots) because you want to evade before Rapid Fire for increased critical damage (+30% for 3 seconds) with ‘Advanced Rapid Fire.’


PuncturePenetrating ShotRapid FireConcealmentShadow ImbuementShadow Step


  • Combo Points – Your Basic Skills now generate Combo Points. Core Skills consume Combo Points for additional effects.

This build uses Puncture as the main spammable skill because the attack speed of the skill scales off the dagger attack speed. And this build relies on attack speed to build combo points faster. Concealment can be changed out if you’re running solo. It’s best for group play and getting revives in higher nightmare dungeons. Concealment and Shadow Imbuement are the primary way rogue gets out of crowd control effects.

This build utilizes Dusk Shroud as our main source of damage reduction. You don’t need to put it on your skill bar, but we do invest points into it in the tree. As a range rogue, we use the Umbrous Aspect on our armor, which gives us a chance to grant a free dark shroud with critical strikes. This, in combination with the Enshrouding Aspect, will give you a strong source of damage reduction which is necessary in high nightmare dungeons.

For this build, you want to target the following attributes on your armor and weapons: +Penetrating Shot, +Rapid Fire, Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Attack Speed, Dexterity. Ideally get +3 Weapon Mastery and +3 Subterfuge on your Amulet.

Interactive Skill Tree here.

Skill Points

  • Puncture (1) -> Enhanced Puncture -> Fundamental Puncture
  • Rapid Fire (5) -> Enhanced Rapid Fire -> Advanced Rapid Fire
  • Passives: Stutter Step (1), Sturdy (3), Siphoning Strikes (3)
  • Penetrating Shot (5) -> Enhanced Penetrating Shot -> Improved Penetrating Shot
  • Shadow Step
  • Passives: Weapon Mastery (3), Rugged (2), Concussive (3) -> Trick Attacks (1)
  • Dark Shroud (1) -> Enhanced Dark Shroud -> Subverting Dark Shroud
  • Passives: Agile (2), Exploit (3) -> Malice (3)
  • Shadow Imbuement (1), Enhanced Shadow Imbuement -> Mixed Shadow Imbuement
  • Passives: Precision Imbuement (2)
  • Passives: Innervation (3), Adrenaline Rush (1) -> Haste (3)
  • Passive: Precision

Aspects & Gems

  • Aspect of the Protector
  • Aspect of Might
  • Vengeful Aspect
  • Umbrous Aspect
  • Mangler’s Aspect
  • Edgemaster’s Aspect (Ranged Weapon – Crossbow for vulnerable intrinsic)
  • Enshrouding Aspect (Amulet)
  • Rapid Aspect
  • Trickshot Aspect
  • Aspect of the Expectant (one-hand sword for critical damage intrinsic)
  • Condemnation (unique dagger)
  • Weapon – Emerald
  • Armor – Topaz
  • Jewelry – Skulls

Paragon Boards & Glyphs

Use this link for your LVL 100 Paragon Board

Starting Board / Ranger Glyph
Exploit Weakness Board / Combat Glyph
Cunning Stratagem Board / Devious Glyph
No Witnesses Board / Diminish Glyph
Cheap Shot Board / Chip Glyph
Tricks of the Trade Board / Exploit Glyph

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