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Blightsplosion WT4 Necromancer

Blightsplosion WT4 Necromancer

Skills & Book of the Dead

Book of the Dead:

  • Skeletal Warriors -> Reapers -> Sacrifice – 10% Increased Shadow Damage
  • Skeletal Mages -> Cold-> Sacrifice – Increased Damage to Vulnerable damage
  • Golems -> Blood -> Sacrifice -> Your blood golem absorbs 15% of damage you would take

Blood Mist is a defensive and offensive skill for us. We want to live in this skill as it will deal shadow damage, deploy corpses and detonate them.

Corpse Explosion with blighted will DoT everything, giving us fast procs of shadow blight and stack very high damage on single targets.

Corpse Tendrils groups enemies for efficient killing with our corpse explosions/barber explosions + will make enemies vulnerable for us.

Bone Storm will be up pretty much 80% of the time on this build. It will deal shadow damage, give us barrier and has a very high lucky hit to give us our cooldowns back.

Reap will spawn corpses for us.

Golem will absorb a lot of damage for us with its absorb passive basically double dipping damage reduction for us.

Skill Tree

Basic Skills – Reap -> Acolyte Reap

Core Skills – Hewed Flesh (3)

Corpse & Macabre Skills 1 – Blood Mist (4) -> Enhanced -> Ghastly, Corpse Explosion (5) -> Enhanced -> Blighted, Grim Harvest (1), Fueled By Death (3)

Curse Skills – Death’s Embrace (3), Amplify Damage (3) Decrepify -> Abhorrent Decrepify

Corpse & Macabre 2 – Corpse Tendrils (1) -> Enhanced -> Plagued, Necrotic Carapace (3), Reapers Pursuit (3), Crippling Darkness (1) Gloom (3) Terror (3)

Ultimate Skills – Bone Storm -> Prime -> Supreme, Stand Alone (3) Memento Mori (3)

Key Passive – Shadowblight

Aspects & Uniques

  1. Aspect of Disobedience (Helm)
  2. Aspect of Explosive Mist (Chest)
  3. Howl From Below (Gloves)
  4. Aspect of the Shielding Storm (Pants)
  5. Craven Aspect (Boots)
  6. Aspect of Decay (Weapon)
  7. Blighted Aspect (Unique Amulet)
  8. Blood Soaked Aspect (Ring 1)
  9. Aspect of the Ultimate Shadown (Ring 2)
  10. Lidless Wall (Shield)

Paragon Board

Passives, Gems, & Gear

Important Passives


  1. Armor – Ruby (Max Life)
  2. Jewelry – The Barber, Decrepit Aura, The Sacrilegious
  3. Weapons – Amethyst (DoT Damage)

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