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Chain Lightning Sorcerer S1 WT4

Chain Lightning Sorcerer S1 WT4

Chain Lightning has recently received some major buffs allowing it to shred through even T100 Nightmare Dungeons. We also do not use uniques with this build offering a very easy entry to the build. This excels in both screen wipes and single target damage. This is the season of the barber so let’s go to town building into this broken heart with a super strong ability. Gameplay of this build can be found in the video below.

Skills & Enchantments

Flame ShieldTeleportFrost NovaUnstable CurrentsLightning SpearChain Lightning


  • Fire Bolt
  • Chain Lightning

Flame Shield will be used both offensively and defensively. Walk through enemies to immobilize them and become immune to escape damage or enter fights.

Teleport is just great for speeding up the leveling process by moving around quicker while also giving us 30% DR almost constantly and unstoppable.

Frost Nova will be our main source of vulnerable while also applying the frozen status effect to our targets. If you make sure to use in packs you will always get the biggest cooldown jump. This is the one defensive skill we max out to bring its cooldown as low as possible.

Unstable Currents lets us do our big damage so make sure to save it for big packs with elites. Not using Crackling Energy here so the cooldown will be slightly longer, so use sparingly.

Lightning Spear allows us to get free stuns off when entering fight in higher tiers. Can also be swapped out for Ice Blades if you want more vulnerable on single targets and an extra 5% damage from one of our glyphs.

Chain Lightning will have 100% uptime with this build and our mana regen. This will be able to bounce up to 9 times which results in a huge spike in damage at the end of its chain. When it is just you and a single target, CL can output some insane damage. It starts to lose single target damage as more targets are near.

Fire Bolt & Chain Lightning will be our enchants. Fire Bolt to allow for bonus crit damage for every single attack, and Chain Lightning to allow use to gain a massive damage output with the maximum amount of Chain Lightning spam. Have this extra Chain Lightning really helps your mana sustain.

Skill Tree

Basic Skills – Fire Bolt (1) -> Enhanced

Core Skills – Chain Lightning (5) -> Enhanced -> Greater, Devastation (3), Elemental Dominance (3)

Defensive Skills – Flame Shield (1) -> Enhanced -> Shimmering, Teleport (1) -> Enhanced -> Shimmering, Frost Nova (5) -> Enhanced -> Mystical, Glass Cannon (3)

Conjuration Skills – Lightning Spear (1) -> Enhanced -> Invoked, Align the Elements (3), Protection (3), Mana Shield (3)

Mastery Skills – Inner Flames (1), Devouring Blaze (3)

Ultimate Skills – Unstable Currents -> Enhanced, Coursing Currents (1), Electrocution (3), Permafrost (1), Hoarfrost (3)

Key Passive – Vyr’s Mastery


Full Interactive Paragon Board Here

Aspects & Hearts

  1. Frostblitz Aspect (Helm)
  2. Mage Lord’s Aspect (Chest)
  3. Strom Swell Aspect (Gloves)
  4. Aspect of Disobedience (Pants)
  5. Aspect of Binding Embers (Boots)
  6. Aspect of the Unbroken Tether (Amulet)
  7. Elementalist’s Aspect (Ring 1)
  8. Recharging Aspect (Ring 2)
  9. Aspect of Control (Weapon)
  10. Conceited Aspect (Offhand)
  11. The Calculated
  12. The Barber
  13. Tal’Rasha or Tempting Fate (Tal’Rasha now multiplicative after 1.1.2)

Affixes & Gems


  • CDR
  • Max Mana
  • Max Health
  • DR From Burning
  • DR
  • Total Armor
  • Crit Chance
  • Crit Damage
  • Lightning Crit
  • Vulnerable
  • All Stats
  • +3 Chain Lightning
  • +3 Frost Nova
  • +3 Teleport
  • +2 Devouring Blaze
  • +2 Defensive
  • +2 Hoarfrost


Armor – Ruby

Weapons – Sapphire or Emerald

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