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How to Get the NEW Thorn Weapon in Remnant 2 DLC The Forgotten Kingdom

How to Get the NEW Thorn Weapon in Remnant 2 DLC The Forgotten Kingdom

If you’ve wandered around Yaesha in the new Forgotten Kingdom DLC in Remnant 2, then surely you’ve come across an egg sitting up at the top of a large tree branch. I’m going to show you what you can do with the egg quest item and how you can turn it into a consumable Egg Drink and the Thorn weapon. If you’d rather watch a video, check out the one below!

Egg Quest Item for Thorn Long Gun

Start your adventure roll for the Forgotten Kingdom DLC. The tree and egg will be located in the very first area every time. Make your way through the map and take a hard right when you see this big stairwell.

After that, just head straight until you find the egg. In order to complete the quest for the Thorn weapon – DO NOT PICK UP THE EGG! If you already have, you’ll need to reroll your adventure mode and start again. You do, however, need to go and LOOK at the egg to start this quest.

For the next step, you only need to progress your story to the next open area, Luminous Vale. You’ll hear a loud bird screech and noises to let you know that something has hatched back at the nest! Get to your closest world stone and travel back to the beginning. Once you get back to the nest, you’ll find a big blue baby bird there! This Kuri Kuri will puke up a crafting material for you called Regurgitated Spiny Sac. Take this to McCabe and craft the Thorn weapon!

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