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All Items in Yaesha

All Items in Yaesha

The citizens of Yaesha have attempted to stem the tide, fighting back against the unrelenting forces of the Root, but this has proven to be a futile endeavor. See what remains in the overgrown ruins of a once-great Pan civilization.

All Open World + Dungeon Locations in Yaesha

Each storyline has two open world locations, with a randomized event in each. Then you’ll find 1-3 dungeons along the border of the open world. The dungeons are either an event or mini-boss. The mini-boss will lead you through to the other open world location, and then finally to the world boss location to finish the story line.

Storyline Starting Locations

The Red Throne

starting location for The Corruptor world boss
Forbidden Grove

starting location for The Ravager world boss. (More loot from this story line.)
Glittering Grotto

starting location for Forgotten Kingdom DLC story line.GlitteringGrotto

Open World Locations

The Lost Temple
Faithless Thicket
Root Nexus
Withering Weald
The Far Woods
The Widow’s Court
Koara Kuri Nest
Abandoned CitadelAbandoned Citadel
Luminous ValeLuminousValeLambent PassLambent PassAncient PassAncientCanopyPrimal HollowPrimal Hollow

Dungeon and Event Locations

Kaeula’s Rest
The Great Bole
Cathedral of Omens
Ravager’s Lair
Endaira’s End
Endaira's End
Forgotten Field
The Dappled Glade
The Twisted Chantry
Expanding Glade
Proving GroundsProving GroundsGoddess’s Rest
Goddess's Rest
Infested AbyssInfested Abyss
Deserted Atelier
Deserted Atelier
Earthen Coliseum
The Bloodless ThroneThe Bloodless Throne

Yaesha Amulets

In the game Remnant 2, there are special items called amulets that players can use to get different advantages. Each player can wear just one amulet at a time. You can discover these amulets all over the different places in Remnant 2. They might be hidden around the game world, sold by non-player characters (NPCs), given as prizes for completing dungeons and unexpected happenings, or obtained by defeating certain bosses.

This is a list of how to get all Remnant II amulets in Yaesha. They are either in set locations, from quests or NPCs, or random drops in the world.

Beads of the ValorousBeads of the Valorous, Amulet
Increases Damage Reduction and Movement Speed by 1% for every 5% of missing Max Health. Bonus is doubled at or below 50% Max Health. Max 10 stacks
How to Find: Random amulet found in Yaesha.
beads of the valorous
Cervine_KeepsakeCervine Keepsake, AmuletHow to Find: Wear the Red Dog Sigil when in the Protector of the Doe injectable. This will open the floor beneath you and reveal the amulet.
Death's EmbraceDeath’s Embrace, Amulet
Gain 20% to all damage when Health is below 100%. Gain HASTE when below 50% Health.
How to Find: Purchased from Bedel of the Vaunt consumable vendor NPC at the beginning of Yaesha, in the Forbidden Grove (Ravager story line)
Downward SpiralDownward Spiral, Amulet
Increases Fire Rate by 10% and Melee Attack Speed by 15%. For every missing 10% of Max Health, gain 3% Ranged damage (Max 15%) and 4% Melee Damage (Max 20%)
How to Find: During the Chimney event, look for a root cluster with a bright spot to be shot out before dropping down below the roots. If you do this during the event, you can pick up the drop before it ends. You can also go back to the previous check point and do it after the event is over.
Echo_of_the_ForestEcho of the Forest, AmuletHow to Find: Deliver 3 Trinity Fragments to Dwell in Ward 13. You can find the Trinity Fragments in the Forgotten Kingdom DLC area. You’ll need to run 3 adventures to complete this.
Fragrant_ThornFragrant Thorn, AmuletHow to Find: Random amulet found in Yaesha.
fragrant thorn
Full_Moon_CircletFull Moon Circlet, Amulet
Ranged damage Lifesteals 3% of base damage dealt. At full health, damage is increased by 20%.
How to Find: Imperial Gardens, behind a trapdoor marked with a gold full moon crest. Will only open during a Blood Moon.
Hallowed_EggHallowed Egg, Amulet
Spending at least 30% of Firearms magazine to deal damage increases Melee damage by 10% for 7s. Stacks 5x.
How to Find: Reward for completing the Root Nexus Event.
Kuri_Kuri_CharmKuri Kuri Charm, Amulet
For every 10% of Health missing (Max 50%), gain 10% increased Relic Use Speed and 7% chance to not consume a Relic Charge.
How to Find: Located in the bird nest. After visiting the bird, everyone must be far away from the bird so it will fly away from the nest.
Laemir_CenserLaemir Censer, Amulet
Increases Mod Duration by 50%. Increases Mod Cost by 15%.
How to Find: Forgotten Field event. Received from Laemir after exhausting all dialogue options.
Matriarch's_InsigniaMatriarch’s Insignia, Amulet
Increases Melee Damage by 35% and causes all successful Melee Attacks to restore 10 Stamina.
How to Find: Widows Court, located behind a locked door.
Moon_StoneMoon Stone, Amulet, AmuletHow to Find: Moon puzzle injectable on Yaesha.
moon stone
Necklace_of_Flowing_LifeNecklace of Flowing Life, Amulet
Increases Grey Health conversion by an additional 100%. When Grey Health Conversion triggers, gain 5x the amount as Mod Power.
How to Find: Random tile spawn in The Lament, The Chimney, or Twisted Chantry. Behind an illusory wall.
Necklace_of_SupremacyNecklace of Supremacy, Amulet
After 7s of not being damaged, increases all damage dealt by 15%. Increases to 25% if Health is full.
How to Find: During the Laemir event in Forgotten Field, make sure you destroy the boss health bar before killing ANY of enemies that spawn.
Profane_Soul_StoneProfane Soul Stone, AmuletHow to Find: Reward for submitting to the Emissary NPC at the end of the Infested Abyss dungeon.
Ravager's_MarkRavager’s Mark, Amulet
Increases all damage dealt to BLEEDING targets by 20%. Bonus increases to 30% for targets with 50% or lower Health.
How to Find: In the Ravager and Doe fight, kill the doe and receive the amulet.
Red_Doe_SigilRed Doe Sigil, Amulet
Increases Relic Healing Effectiveness by 30% which doubles when the wearer’s Health is below 50%.
How to Find: Received from the Eternal Empress when you give her the ornate box without opening it.
Reed_of_the_VaunntReed of the Vaunnt, AmuletHow to Find: Random drop in Yaesha.
reed of the vaunnt
Scavenger's_BaubleScavenger’s Bauble, Amulet
Increases Scrap pickups by 50%, Automatically pick up any nearby crafting materials.
How to Find: Random drop in Yaesha
Soul_StoneSoul Stone, AmuletHow to Find: Bring the Profane Soul Stone to the Keeper in Labyrinth. Cleanse it to receive the Soul Stone amulet.
Soul_AnchorSoul Anchor, Amulet
Summoning increases all damage dealt by 20% for 30s.
How to Find: Craft at the Blood Moon Altar
Stalker's_BrandStalker’s Brand, Amulet
Gain 10% Ranged and 15% Melee damage. Bonus double versus enemies not targeting wearer.
How to Find: Random drop in Yaesha.
Stoneshaper's_ChiselStoneshaper’s Chisel, AmuletHow to Find: Reward after speaking with the stone NPC in the Ancient Canopy. He can only be understood after getting Lydusa’s Curse in the storyline.
stoneshaper's chisel
Talisman_of_the_SunTalisman of the Sun, Amulet
Increases FIRE damage by 20% and BURNING damage by 50%.
How to Find: The Expanding Glade, in a chest.
Vengeance_IdolVengeance Idol, Amulet
Increases all damage dealt by 30% when the wearer’s Health is below 50%.
How to Find: Random drop in Yaesha.
Worn_Dog_TagsWorn Dog Tags, AmuletHow to Find: Return to Private Driver’s hidden location after completing Lydusa’s storyline.

Yaesha Rings

In the game Remnant 2, you’ll come across items known as rings. When you put these rings on, they give you different advantages. Unlike the earlier version of the game where you could only wear two rings, now you can wear up to four at once. You can find many of these rings in different places throughout the game world. Some you’ll get as rewards for unexpected events or from merchants who sell them. And if you defeat certain bosses, you can also get your hands on other special rings.

This is a list of ALL rings found in Yaesha in Remnant II. They are either in set locations, from quests or NPCs, or random drops in the world.

Archer’s Crest, Ring
Increases Projectile Speed by 20% and Decreases Weapon Charge Time by 25%.
How to Find: Random tile spawn (confirmed Endaira’s End). Behind an illusory wall that you must vault on to the half wall to enter.
Band Band, Ring
Increased Speed of Revive and being Revived by 35%. Increases Downed Health and Downed Movement Speed by 100%
How to Find: Co-op only. The second song for the wind tunnel puzzle must be played by two people. Both notes have to be played at the same time as chords.
Berserker’s Crest, Ring
Increases Melee Charge Speed by 20% and reduces Melee Stamina Cost by 25%.
How to Find: Random tile spawn in The Chimney, The Lament or Twisted Chantry. Jump in to the coffin opening and walk behind in the water.
berserker's crest
Blood Jewel, Ring
Charged Melee Attacks apply BLEEDING, dealing X BLEED damage over 20s.
How to Find: In The Lost Temple. In the water below, in a cave.
Blood Tinged Ring, Ring
Gain 2 Health Regeneration per second when within 25m of a BLEEDING entity.
How to Find: In The Lament dungeon, behind the circle locked door sitting on the balcony wall. Complete the dial puzzle using the symbols above the coffins.
Bloodless_King's_VowBloodless King’s Vow, RingHow to Find: In Goddess’s Rest, do not place anything in the bowl to spawn the Bloodless Heir Aberration. He rewards this after you kill him.
Burden of the Follower, Ring
Reduces Fire Rate by 15%. Increases Mod Power Generation by 50%.
How to Find: Random tile spawn in Endaira’s End. Look for a hole in the ground behind some pots, drop down and it will be sitting on a broken bookshelf.
Burden_of_the_MasonBurden of the Mason, Ring
Burden_of_the_MesmerBurden of the Mesmer, RingHow to Find: Purchase from Walt, Forgotten Kingdom NPC
Captain’s Insignia, Ring
Increases Revive Speed and Relic Consume Speed by 25% per downed or dead ally. Max 2 stacks.
How to Find: (Video Guide) Endaira’s End. Co-op only. One person stands on the pressure plate in the original puzzle room lifting another door on the opposite side of the room for the 2nd person. They can then open the red door for the first person.
Conjurer's_CircleConjurer’s Circle, Ring
Dark_Sea_Armada_CrestDark Sea Armada Crest, Ring
Endaira’s Endless Loop, Ring
After Sprinting for 2s, the wearer gains 1.5 Health Regeneration per second until they stop Sprinting.
How to Find: Endaira’s End on the table before the pressure plate puzzle.
Feathery_BindingFeathery Binding, Ring
Floodlit_DiamondFloodlit Diamond, Ring
Frivolous Band, Ring
Increases Evade Speed by 10%. Perfect Evades increase Fire Rate by 10% and Melee Speed by 10% for 10s.
How to Find: (Video Guide) From Bedel the Vaunt. When speaking to him choose the funny/sarcastic dialogue. you must revive the Doe in the Ravager world boss fight. After completing the fight return to Bedel and choose the “maybe…” dialogue option.
Kolket_EyeletKolket Eyelet, Ring
Guardian’s Ring, Ring
Adds 1 Stack of BULWARK when within 15m of an enemy. Increases to 2 Stacks for 15s after taking melee damage.
How to Find: Random drop in Yaesha
guardian's ring
Gul_SignetGul Signet, Ring
Hardened Coil, Ring
Reduces all incoming damage by 3% for each 10% of missing Health. Max 15% reduction.
How to Find: In Forgotten Field (or maybe Imperial Garden). Look for stairs leading down to an aberration fight with the Archer and Stalker. Ring is in the small room off to the side.
Lithic Signet, Ring
Reduces all incoming damage by 7%.
How to Find: Random tile spawn in The Lament, Twisted Chantry, or The Chimney. Shoot the jewels out in the bulls’ heads until none are left.
Lodestone Ring, Ring
Increases all damage dealt against illuminated enemies by 5%
How to Find: (Video Guide)Received from Bedel of the vaunt when wearing the Lodestone Crown. (helmet found in The Lament dungeon)
Mark_of_the_DestroyerMark of the Destroyer, Ring
Matriarch's_RingMatriarch’s Ring, RingHow to Find: Random drop in Yaesha
Pan_War_BandPan War Band, RingHow to Find: Coop puzzle in the secret crypt (treasure room) injectable.
Rally_BandRally Band, Ring
Ravager's_BargainRavager’s Bargain, RingHow to Find: Purchased from Walt, NPC at the beginning of the Forgotten Kingdom in Glittering Grotto.
Restriction Cord, Ring
Restricts the wearer from Healing above 50% of their Max Health and reduces all incoming damage by 15%.
How to Find: Purchased from Bedel of the Vaunt consumable vendor NPC at the beginning of Yaesha, in the Forbidden Grove (Ravager story line)
Ring of Diversion, Ring
Increases invulnerability window while evading and sliding.
How to Find: In The Lament dungeon, behind the locked door after the floating platform puzzle. You need Kolket’s key to unlock the door. (Inspect Kolket’s razor)
Ring of Omens, Ring
Evades cost X% Max Health as Grey Health instead of Stamina.
How to Find: In the Cathedral of Omens dungeon, during a BLOOD MOON, open the door on the right.
Ring_of_SpiritsRing of Spirits, RingHow to Find: puzzle in the secret crypt (treasure room) injectable.
Ring of the Forest Spirit, Ring
Relic Healing Effectiveness is increased by 15%.
How to Find: Forbidden Grove. Forgotten Field.
Rotward, Ring
Prevents ROOT ROT Blight.
How to Find: Purchased from Bedel of the Vaunt consumable vendor NPC at the beginning of Yaesha, in the Forbidden Grove (Ravager story line)
Seal of the Empress, Ring
Increases Max Health by 20. Reduced Max Stamina by 5.
How to Find: (Video Guide) Reward from the Empress after defeating the Corruptor world boss and not being sent to jail. Choose the loyal and ‘nice’ options (ie – kneel).
Sealed_Resin_LoopSealed Resin Loop, Ring
Slayer’s Crest, Ring
Increases Melee damage by 25% when attacking enemies from behind.
How to Find: (Video Guide) Random tile spawn in Nameless Nest, Forgotten Fields, or Forbidden Grove. Look for a tall tower with an elevator.
slayer's crest
Soul_FeastSoul Feast, Ring
Soul Guard, Ring
Gain a stack of BULWARK for each active Summon.
How to Find: Purchase from the Blood Moon Altar.
Soul Link, Ring
Summons Lifesteal 5% of base damage dealt which returns to the wearer as Health.
How to Find: Random drop in Yaesha
Spirit Stone, Ring
Increases mod power generation by 10%
How to Find: Random drop in Yaesha
Stone of Balance, Ring
Increases all damage by 7%
How to Find: Random drop in Yaesha
stone of balance
Tear of Kaeula, Ring
Increases Relic capacity by 2 while equipped.
How to Find: Kaeula’s Rest. Wade in the water to get to it.
Tear of Lydusa, Ring
Tempest Conduit, Ring
After receiving Elemental Damage, increases all damage death by 10% and Resistance to the received Element by 20 for 20s.
How to Find: Endaira’s End.
Thalos_EyeletThalos Eyelet, Ring
Token_of_FavorToken of Favor, Ring
Tomb Dweller’s Ring, Ring
Increases Movement Speed by 10% for 10s after Vaulting, Climbing, Leaping, and entering Water, stacks 3x. Reduces Fall Damage by 25%.
How to Find: Random tile spawn in The Lament, The Chimney, or Twisted Chantry. Behind an illusory half-wall.
Vestige of Power, Ring
After 7s of not being damaged, increases Ranged and Melee Damage by 10%
How to Find: Random drop in Yaesha
Wax Sealed Ring, Ring
Killing blows increase Ranged and Melee Damage by 4% for 15s. Stacks 3x.
How to Find: Random drop in Yaesha
Wind Hollow Circlet, Ring
Increases Reload Speed by 12%
How to Find: Wind tunnel dungeon event. Reward for completing the 4 note song.
Zohee’s Ring, Ring
Increases Mod Duration by 15%.
How to Find: Received from Empress’s assistant in the Red Throne, after defeating the Corruptor world boss. Must be sent to jail by Empress.

How to find Blood Moon Essence

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