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Category: Rogue

Penetrating Shot/Rapid Fire Rogue Build Guide

I created this build after twisting blades got me through the campaign and I was looking for something different at end game. I really enjoy penetrating shot for mobs, but for single target elites and bosses, it feels underwhelming when it doesn’t crit. Rapid fire is more consistent for single target damage, so we use both skills accordingly.

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Twisting Blades Trap Rogue Lvl 50-100 WT4

This build will be focused on greatly increasing Rogue survivability by having constant CC on groups of enemies while having the mobility and damage to back it up. Twisting Blades will be the main damage source while having Poison Trap for utility, and Death Trap for grouping and extra damage. This build will be good for pushing Nightmares or just general dungeon clear. Gameplay is featured in the video below, but let’s jump into this build.

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