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Sorcerer Season 3 Leveling Build Guide

Sorcerer Season 3 Leveling Build Guide

Season 3 is here and that means we have new things to play with, and this season that is going to be meteor for the Sorcerer with the new Starfall Coronet unique helmet. While we won’t have that right away, Fireball and Meteor are fantastic leveling options this season with really good clear speeds. This build will be taken from level 1 to level 100 over the course of the week, so keep an eye out here and YouTube for the updated builds as we go. I will be keeping this document up to date as we go tomorrow with any tweaks I might make, especially regarding the Construct Stones seasonal mechanic.

How the Build Works

This build is all about clear speed and popping huge chains of Fireball enchantment explosions while also raining down tons of Meteors to clean up and provide extra single target damage in addition to our Fireballs. Since mana is hard to manage in the super early game, we will not be putting Meteor on our hot bar quite yet, and instead keeping Arc Lash as a free damage source when waiting for mana regen. This will also pair very well with the new Aspect of Adaptability releasing with this season. Just spam Arc Lash and Fireball while saving Inferno and Frost Nova for any Elites that spawn.

Items and Skill Tree


  • Helm – Aspect of Shared Misery or Aspect of Might (Replace with Aspect of Adaptability)
  • Chest Armor – Aspect of Disobedience
  • Gloves – Aspect of the Expectant (Replace with Conceited Aspect or Aspect of Shattered Stars)
  • Pants – Aspect of the Protector (Replace with Frostblitz Aspect)
  • Boots – Ghostwalker Aspect
  • Weapon – Aspect of Three Curses (Replace with Conceited Aspect or Aspect of Shattered Stars)
  • Focus – Storm Swell Aspect
  • Amulet – Aspect of Control (Can place Aspect of Shattered Stars here)
  • Ring 1 – Prodigy’s Aspect (Can replace with damage aspect if mana sustain is enough)
  • Ring 2 – Incendiary Aspect

Construct Stones

Governing Stone 1: Focus Fire

  • Burning, Arcing, Resource

Governing Stone 2: Gyrate

  • Efficiency, Swift, Electrocution

Skill Tree

For enchantments, use Fireball and Meteor

Slotted Skills Are: Hydra | Teleport | Frost Nova | Inferno | Arc Lash | Fireball

Leveling Order:

  1. Arc Lash
  2. Enhanced Arc Lash
  3. Fireball
  4. Enhanced Fireball
  5. Destructive Fireball
  6. Fireball
  7. Frost Nova
  8. Enhanced Frost Nova
  9. Mystical Frost Nova
  10. Teleport
  11. Enhanced Teleport
  12. Glass Cannon
  13. Glass Cannon
  14. Glass Cannon
  15. Fireball
  16. Fireball
  17. Fireball
  18. Inner Flames
  19. Inner Flames
  20. Inner Flames
  21. Hydra
  22. Enhanced Hydra
  23. Summoned Hydra
  24. Inferno
  25. Prime Inferno
  26. Supreme Inferno
  27. Fiery Surge
  28. Fiery Surge
  29. Fiery Surge
  30. Flickering Arc Lash
  31. Arc Lash
  32. Arc Lash
  33. Arc Lash
  34. Esu’s Ferocity
  35. Align the Elements
  36. Protection
  37. Meteor
  38. Meteor
  39. Meteor
  40. Meteor
  41. Meteor
  42. Devouring Blaze
  43. Devouring Blaze
  44. Devouring Blaze
  45. Precision Magic
  46. Precision Magic
  47. Precision Magic
  48. Align the Elements
  49. Align the Elements
  50. Protection
  51. Protection
  52. Mana Shield
  53. Mana Shield
  54. Mana Shield
  55. Crippling Flames
  56. Crippling Flames
  57. Crippling Flames
  58. Elemental Attunement

Level 50 Tree Below

Level 50 Skill Tree and progression.

For more information on the gear and skill tree, check out the build on D4Builds

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