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PoisonSplosion Shred Druid Build Guide

PoisonSplosion Shred Druid Build Guide

How the Build Works

This is a follow up to my theorycraft Druid builds video that we made before Season 2 started. The theory behind the build is that we would use the Godslayer Crown unique helmet to group up enemies when immobilized and pair that with Poison Creeper to apply poison and Shred in with Blurred Beast to trigger all the poison damage. Pair this with X-fal’s Signet unique ring to trigger explosions from the DoT to nearby enemies. We tried it out on my Twitch livestream and it works really well for mobbing, but struggles with bosses.

BUT WE FIXED THAT! I spent a couple days figuring out the build and changed a few things to make PoisonSplosion work well in all aspects of Diablo IV’s end game.

Full explanation in the video below, I highly recommend watching it for an in-depth breakdown of the Poison Druid build for Season 2 Diablo 4.

The first thing to talk about is why we’re not using X’Fal’s Corroded Signet anymore. Yes, it comes with great stats and on paper it looks really good, but I just found it wasn’t worth it. It’s great for grouping and exploding packs, but we’re already doing that without this ring. This ring also only triggers with a Lucky Hit, which we’re not focusing on in this build.

On Druid, one of the biggest ways to scale our Poison damage is Toxic Claws. Toxic Claws is a passive that adds poison damage to our critical strikes with Shred (core skills). However, because this poison damage is not directly associated with Shred, it doesn’t have a Lucky Hit chance to proc. This means that all this damage cannot explode from Toxic Claws. This is the main reason we’re not using X’Fal’s Corroded Signet.

The next question is “Why are you using companions?” The Shepherd’s Aspect says “Core Skills deal an additional X% damage for each active Companion”. Interestingly enough, this aspect does scale our poison damage from core skills like Shred. That is why this aspect is incredibly important to this build. This is a massive damage increase!

Items and Skill Tree


  • Helm(Unique) Godslayer Crown
  • Chest Armor(Unique) Mad Wolf’s Glee
  • Gloves – Stormclaw’s Aspect
  • Pants(Unique) Tibault’s Will
  • Boots – Ghostwalker Aspect
  • Weapon – Aspect of the Blurred Beast
  • Amulet – Shepherd’s Aspect
  • Ring 1(Unique) Hunter’s Zenith
  • Ring 2 – Aspect of the Stampede

Vampiric Powers

  • Major – Flowing Veins and Metamorphosis
  • Minor – Ravenous, Prey on the Weak and Sanguine Brace

Spirit Boons

For the Spirit Boons, you want:

  • Deer: Wariness
  • Eagle (Double): Scythe Talons and Swooping Attacks
  • Wolf: Packleader
  • Snake: Masochistic

Paragon Board

Check out the paragon board for the PoisonSplosion build.

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Althought Storm Strike is in the Skill Tree, it is not used in the build, it is just used to get down to the next section of the Skill Tree. For bossing, throw on Petrify. Then for mobbing, use Debilitating Roar.


For more information on the gear and skill tree, check out the build on D4Builds

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