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Remnant 2 Adds New Mutators, Weapons and Aberrations during Halloween Event

Remnant 2 Adds New Mutators, Weapons and Aberrations during Halloween Event

If you haven’t heard, Remnant 2 announced an in game Halloween event – Aberration Domination. “Defeat aberrations in-game and use their Corrupted Shards to craft corrupted versions of some special weapons.” This event will be live October 27th through Halloween on the 31st. However, if you can’t log on and play, don’t worry as Gunfire Games confirmed on X that the new items will be obtainable after the event is over. You will have a higher chance to see these aberrations and acquire these items during the event.

In addition to the Halloween event, Remnant 2 also released a huge patch on October 26th that fixed many bugs and performance issues (especially for co-op). This patch also adds LOADOUTS to Remnant 2, which is probably the most requested Quality of life feature!

Players can now create a gear preset and then recall it with a single button press. This includes Weapons, Mods, Mutators, Archetypes, Skills, Relics, Fragments, etc. Loadouts will also save and recall Traits but will only recall them if you have the Orb of Undoing in your inventory. Loadouts cannot be used in combat.

So what’s new? Here’s a list of all the new mutators

(may not be complete, but what we know so far!)

Range Mutators:

Bottom Feeder Mutator

Bottom Feeder – Increases this weapon’s Ranged Damage by 5% for every 20% reserve ammo missing. Level 10: When the weapon runs out of ammo, it gains infinite ammo for 5s. Can only happen once every 60s.

Ingenuity – Reduces the Heat Generation of this weapon by 25%. Level 10: Reload Speed is increased up to 35% based on this weapon’s Heat accumulation.

Bottom Heavy – Increases Fire Rate by 7.5% and an additional 1% for every 10% of Magazine missing. Level 10: Reload Speed is increased by 20% when this weapon’s magazine is empty.

Kill Switch – Switching to this weapon creates an Explosive Burst which deals 50 Damage to all enemies within 7m. Level 10: This weapon’s kills with any Explosive Damage reduce Kill Switch cooldown by 1s.

Sequenced Shot – This weapon’s Charged Shots decrease the Charge time of Subsequent Charge Shots by 10% for 3s. Level 10: While active, Charged Primary Shots grant 1% Ranged Critical Chance per round spent. Max 20%.

Spirit Healer – Regenerate 5% Health over 5s for every 500 Mod Power spent. Level 10: Allies within 15m are healed for 50% of the primary effect.

Top Heavy – Increases this weapon’s Ranged Damage by up to 7.5% based on how close the magazine capacity is to full. Level 10: Increases this weapon’s Weakspot Damage by up to 20% based on how close the magazine capacity is to full.

Those are all the new range mutators we know of so far.

Melee Mutators:

Latency – Melee Weapons with special abilities which become readied by dealing melee damage require 10% less damage to charge. Level 10: Increase the potency of readied Melee Special abilities by 25%.

Opportunist – Perfect Dodge activates OPPORTUNITY which increases Melee Critical Chance of the next Melee Attack by 50% for 3s. Level 10: While OPPORTUNITY is active, any dodge or combat slide refreshes the duration.

Edgelord – Increases Melee Charge Speed by 15% and Melee Attack Speed by 10%. Level 10: Gain 3% of based Charged Melee Damage dealt as Lifesteal.

Shocker – Empowers weapon after 5 hits. While empowered, the next Charge Melee hit strikes all enemies within 10m with 50 SHOCK Damage. Level 10: The SHOCK Damage now applies OVERLOADED dealing 100 damage over 5.05s.

Stormbringer – Increases the Status Effect Damage applied by Melee Attacks by 25%. Level 10: Charged Melee Attacks lower enemy’s Resistance to All Status Damage by 10%. Lasts 10s.

For the full patch notes, make sure you head over to

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