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Remnant 2 Announces First DLC “The Awakened King”

Remnant 2 Announces First DLC “The Awakened King”

On the heels of a huge quality of life patch and their Halloween event which added new aberrations, mutators, weapons, and LOADOUTS – Gunfire Games’ Remnant 2 announces their first DLC, “The Awakened King.” This first DLC is scheduled to launch in TWO WEEKS on Tuesday, November 14th, 2023 at 12pm EST. The DLC will be available on all platforms for $9.99 or included with Remnant 2’s Ultimate Edition. 

The Awakened King – The One True King has awakened and is on a blood rampage that has upset the very tides of Losomn’s dismal shores, surfacing creatures of the deep and treacheries long buried.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to jump back into Remnant 2 and discover all the new secrets! Of course, we’ll be posting guides right here on DPSCheck and on my YouTube channel to help you find all the new items! 

Remnant 2’s first DLC, “The Awakened King” DLC, will bring players back to Losomn, but this time to a new coastal region of the area. The story focuses on the One True King who has awakened from his eternal slumber. Guess it’s not so eternal. The main story of Losomn and the King’s storyline did a great job leading up to this DLC being the logical next step. Some players in my party even predicted it correctly! Of course I’d love to get a whole new area and the survival game mode so many of us love about Remnant: From the Ashes, but I’m looking forward to that in the future.🤞

The content from this DLC will be added to the procedural world of Losomn. However, if you have already completed the story, you’ll be able to roll a separate adventure packed full of new DLC content. After that, the secrets of the King will be folded into the rest of the Losomn/Fae storyline. One playthrough of the new content is estimated to only take 3-5 hours, but with all the secrets hidden in most Remnant areas, it’ll take a lot longer than that if you want to experience and collect it all. Their goal with this DLC, and probably future DLCs, is to add to the overall story and world of Remnant 2. Filling out the overworlds for subsequent playthroughs. Knowing this, we can make the assumption that future DLC would come for N’Erud and Yaesha. Then hopefully a new game mode for the last DLC.

Check out the Official Trailer!

Here’s what we know about “The Awakened King” DLC so far. As I mentioned above, it will take place in Losomn, but a coastal area of the location. We’ll see at least one new enemy type, lots of new bosses, all new items and weapons, and even a new class called the Ritualist! The Ritualist class will focus on status effects to punish foes. Thinking thematically, I’d guess the Ritualist will inflict bleed on its enemies, or maybe a poison. We could see the return of the trait “Cold As Ice” from Remnant: From the Ashes, which increases Ranged and Melee damage dealt to enemies when attacking them from behind. What class would pair well with the Ritualist? I think I’ll try Alchemist first!

Gunfire Games also takes a chance with the new boss weapons in this DLC and hopes fans love it. They’re taking inspiration from exotic weapons from games like Destiny to really push the envelope. We already have some insane boss weapons, so I’m excited to see what they come up with!

With the first DLC, we’ll also get a total trait point increase to 85 (from 65), as Ben Cureton mentioned on X last month. This will allow us to fit in new traits with the DLC or old ones you’ve always wanted to use.

Finally, if you haven’t read through the HUGE quality of life patch that went live on October 26, here’s the TL:DR. 

  • Added Loadouts!
  • Aberration Domination Event (Oct 27-31) but will remain in the game after this time, just not as prevalent.
  • Improved Evade detection as client in multiplayer games.
  • Too many gear balance changes to mention
  • And a truck load of bug fixes!

I’ll see you on November 14th, live on Twitch and YouTube to jump in to The Awakened King DLC!

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