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Within Losomn exists the conflicting worlds of the Dran and the Fae. The Dran and Fae worlds merging into one world has caused chaos and confusion. The once Human-like Dran have become hive-minded and are easily provoked into frenzies. The Awoken Dran, those who have remained unchanged after the merger, are seen as troublemakers by the rest of Dran society and have been punished for speaking out against the chaos. The Fae nobility sit restless in their halls. Their society has lost its direction and is plagued with a never-ending thirst for the life force of the Dran. Meander through what’s become of the Fae world after the merger on Losomn.

Full guides for each location COMING SOON!

Losomn Amulets

Losomn Rings

Storyline Starting Locations

Beatific Palace
starting location for Faelin/Faerin world boss
Morrow Parish
starting location for Nightweaver world boss.

Open World Locations

Brocwithe Quarter
Forsaken Quarter
Lemark District
Shattered Gallery

Dungeons and Events

Beatific Gallery
Briella’s Garden (Briella’s Reverie)
Butcher’s Quarter
Butcher’s Quarter

Cotton’s Kiln
Council Chamber
Council Tribunal
Gilded Chambers

Harvester’s Reach
Hewdas Clock
Lemark District
Malefic Gallery
Malefic Palace (Jester Game)
Morrow Sanatorium
Nimue’s Retreat
Oracle’s Refuge
Postulant’s Parlor
Shattered Gallery
The Great Sewers
The Great Hall
Tormented AsylumTiller’s Rest

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