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Bouldercane Boss Slayer Druid Build

Bouldercane Boss Slayer Druid Build

How the Build Works

This build is excels when it comes to bossing, it really shines when the boss is large enough (World Boss/Duriel) to be hit multiple times while the boulder is spinning around you. One of its weaknesses is Nightmare Dungeons, below are some changes I’d recommend if you want to use this for mobbing.

  • Swap Aspect of Natural Balance on the ring for Aspect of the Umbral
  • Swap Vampire Power Prey on the Weak for Metamorphosis
  • Swap Hurricane > Natural Hurricane for Hurricane > Savage Hurricane
  • Swap Glyph Werebear for Exploit

Full explanation in the video below, I highly recommend watching it for an in-depth breakdown of the build.

Items and Skill Tree


  • Helmet – (Unique) Vasily’s Prayer
  • Chest – (Unique) Insatiable Fury
  • Gloves – Aspect of the Trampled Earth
  • Pants – Aspect of Disobedience
  • Boots – Symbiotic Aspect
  • Weapon – Aspect of Metamorphic Stone
  • Amulet – (Unique) Dolmen Stone
  • Ring – Aspect of Natural Balance
  • Ring – Aspect of Retaliation

Vampiric Powers

  • Minor – Ravenous, Prey on the Weak, Anticipation, Undying and Sanguine Brace

Spirit Boons

For the Spirit Boons, you want:

  • Deer – Gift of the Stag
  • Eagle – Swooping Attacks
  • Wolf (Double) – Energize and Calamity
  • Snake – Calm Before the Storm

Paragon Board

Skill Tree

[skill-tree-and-main build-url=”″][/skill-tree-and-main]

For more information on the gear and skill tree, check out the build on D4Builds

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