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Ball Lightning Sorcerer Best Endgame Build S2

Ball Lightning Sorcerer Best Endgame Build S2

As someone that’s been running Ball Lightning since the launch of Diablo IV, this has been my favorite build since the beginning. This season, Ball Lightning Sorcerer is arguably the best build in the entire game! This build is great for mobbing, nightmare dungeons, and boss killing. With the right gear you can start seeing individual damage numbers exceeding 1M! You’re also extremely tanky with the barriers, damage reduction, and map wide CC. There are a couple different ways to play this build depending on if you want to full send damage or turn your brain off and just spam balls.

How the Build Works

This build is all about momentum and maintaining a circle of Ball Lightnings around you. You essentially want to think of yourself as a turbo charged lawn mower. Main things to focus on would be the spacing of your defensive skills to maintain barriers and CC’ing elite groups, using Flame Shield and Teleport when you need instant mana, and spamming Esu’s Heirloom to keep up movement speed and crit chance. Also for bosses start spamming balls right before they spawn and walk in a counterclockwise circle to hit as many times as possible while still picking up Crackling Energy.

Items and Skill Tree


  • Helm – (Unique) Godslayer Crown or Harlequin’s Crest
  • Chest Armor – Aspect of Disobedience
  • Gloves – Edgemaster’s Aspect
  • Pants – (Unique) Tibault’s Will
  • Boots – (Unique) Esu’s Heirloom
  • Weapon – Conceited Aspect
  • Focus – Storm Swell Aspect
  • Amulet – Gravitational Aspect
  • Ring 1 – (Unique) Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop
  • Ring 2 – Aspect of Overwhelming Currents (Bossing) or Stable Aspect (Dungeons/Open World) or Recharging Aspect (With Chain Lightning Enchant for minimal thinking)

Vampiric Powers

  • Minor – Ravenous, Prey on the Weak, Accursed Touch (Or Lvl 1 Metamorphosis), Infection (Or Undying), Anticipation (Or Domination)

Paragon Board

This is the Paragon Board for the Ball Lightning Sorcerer Build in Season 2.

  • Legendary Nodes – Static Surge, Frigid Fate
  • Glyph Nodes – Adept, Elementalist, Destruction, Charged, Territorial, Enchanter

Skill Tree

For enchantments, use Lightning Spear and Ball Lightning (or Chain Lightning w/ Recharging Aspect)
Do not need to slot Chain Lightning or Firebolt on your skills bar.

Slotted Skills Are: Flame Shield | Teleport | Frost Nova | Unstable Currents | Ice Blades | Ball Lightning

Skill Tree

For more information on the gear and skill tree, check out the build on D4Builds

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