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Pulverize Werebear Druid LvL 100

Pulverize Werebear Druid LvL 100

Pulverize Druid is one of the easiest classes and builds to pilot. With massive burst damage, incredible defensive buffs, almost infinite uptime on multiple Unstoppable perks, you will have a vert difficult time dying while playing this build. To play the build to its full potential it does require 2 hard to get unique items, but the build can still work just fine without them.

So if you want to do incredible damage, be insanely difficult to put down, and plow through all content in the game. This is the build for you. Lets jump into the details, and you can check out the a full breakdown of everything in the video below.

Easy to follow along video for visual aid.

Skills & Boons


  • Wariness
  • Avian Wrath
  • Calamity
  • Calm before The Storm
  • Obsidian Slam
PulverizeEarth SpikeGrizzly RageHurricaneTrample

Pulverize is our main damage dealer, since it has 0 cooldown and hits extremely hard. It is easily spammable, and can clear entire rooms with ease. The only problem is keeping resources healthy but we tackle that issue later on.

Earth Spike is our resource generator, but as time goes on you will be using this less and less. Thanks to our helmet, we can afford to use this and stay in Werebear form to keep all of our passives, damage reduction, and bonus damage.

Grizzly Rage is our big bad damage dealer, with a certain aspect this scales to 99% extra crit damage, and can easily hit for 6-10 million damage. We want to keep this ability up as long as humanly possible, and our build focuses on this.

Hurricane is used to proc a passive within out skill tree, provide a small amount of damage in an AOE, and make enemies vulnerable.

Trample is our escape and movement ability, yet still does a lot of damage and can even stun. This ability also helps keep our spirit up and topped off.

Skill Tree

BASIC SKILLS 1 Earth Spike 1 Enhanced Earth Spike

CORE (5) Pulverize, (1) Enhanced Pulverize, (1) Raging Pulverize (3) Pred Instincts (2) Iron Fur (1) Heart Of The Wild (3) Wild Impulses (1) Abundunce

(1) Earthern Bulwark (1) Enhanced Earthern Bulwark (1) Innate Earthern Bulwark

(3) Natures Reach

(1) Hurricane (1) Enhanced Hurricane (1) Natural Hurricane (3,3,3) Crushing Earth/SafeGuard/Stoneguard (1) Trample (1) Enhanced Trample (1) Savage Trample

(3,3,3,3) Defiance, Natural Disaster, Resoance, Circle Of Life (1) Grizzly Rage (1) Enhanced Grizzly Rage (1) Supreme Grizzly Rage (1) Defensive Posture

(1) Earthen Might


  • Vasily’s Prayer
  • Insatiable Fury
  • Crashstone Aspect
  • Aspect of Disobedience
  • Aspect of Quicksand
  • Shockwave Aspect ( 2h Weapon)
  • Aspect of Retaliation
  • Aspect of the Ursine Horror
  • Aspect of the Rampaging Werebeast

Paragon Board

Legendary Nodes – Survival Instincts, Earthen Devastation, Ancestral Guidance

Glyph Nodes – Exploit, Undaunted, Spirit, Earth and Sky, Werebear

Important Passives

  1. Maximum Life
  2. Cooldown Reduction
  3. Crit Damage
  4. Crit Chance
  5. Vulnerable Damage
  6. Spirit Cost Reduction
  7. +3 Defiance
  8. +4 Pulverize
  9. Lucky Hit Chance
  10. Spirit Restore On Lucky Hit


  1. Armor – Ruby (Max Life)
  2. Jewelry – Skull (Armor)
  3. Weapons – Emerald (Crit Damage vs Vulnerable)

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