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Frost Sorcerer LvL 60+ WT4 Build (No Uniques)

Frost Sorcerer LvL 60+ WT4 Build (No Uniques)

This is the World Tier 4, level 75 update to the Frost Sorcerer Build. We’re cruising through difficult content solo, and in a four man group, and it’s pretty good in PvP too. If you’re not at WT4 yet, I also have leveling guide showcasing the evolution of this build over time. I have, however, learned a lot from playing frost sorcerer, so this article will still be important to gain that knowledge before even reaching world tier four. Before we get started on the skill tree and the paragon board, I wanna give you some tips on how to gear up and play this build.

Gameplay Tips

  1. As you push higher nightmare dungeons, survivability is going to be an issue for the sorcerer. We now know that damage resistance is absolutely the worst stat in the game. You should always pick damage reduction over resistance. This kind of sucks for sorcerer since our paragon tree leans towards elemental resistance like cold resistance and just overall elemental resistance. You definitely want to look out for damage reduction to close and burning on the paragon tree and your gear. This is going to make it so that you get that damage reduction from bosses as well because they’ll be burning.
  2. The second tip I wanna share is to slot the imbiber glyph as soon as possible. This will give you damage while healthy and it’s a separate damage bucket. This means that it’s multiplicative damage with everything else. I respect this Paragon board at Level 60 and this was a huge, huge increase in damage. I’m talking a lot noticeable damage so make sure you guys use the imbiber glyph.
  3. The last tip is regarding play style. You always wanna have your barriers up and your cooldowns ready. You wanna go in with your full kit, right? Sometimes you can’t always make this happen, and in those situations you really need to kite the enemies and keep backing up and popping a few ice shards here and there until you’re ready. As sorcerers, we can’t really stand in the middle of the action as much as we want to but sometimes the dungeons force you to by just spawning enemies at your feet. So you wanna make sure you’re ready for those situations. A lot of times the only way people die in Diablo is when you just get crowd controlled to oblivion so you have to really watch your cool downs. I think as my level goes up and I get into higher nightmare dungeons I’m gonna have to put an aspect on that’s gonna allow me to become unstoppable so that I can get out of these situations. So really watch your cooldowns and try to burn down groups of enemies when they’re ready so that you have your cooldowns and you’re using them on the most enemies that you can.

All right, now that we’ve gone through gameplay tips for the frost sorcerer, here’s the skill tree and paragon board. No unique armor required, but Raiment of the Infinite chest and Temerity pants are helpful!


Ice ShardsIce ArmorFlame ShieldFrost NovaTeleportDeep Freeze


  • Ice Shards – Ice Shards automatically conjure and fly towards Frozen enemies.
  • Firebolt – Direct damage from Skills applies up to an additional 23.44% Burning damage over 8 seconds. (This allows us to use Damage to Burning attributes and Devouring Blaze passive)

Skill Points

  • Firebolt (2)
  • Ice Shards (5), Enhanced Ice Shards, Greater Ice Shards
    • note: greater ice shards will increase dps but destructive is better for getting vulnerable on single targets. Use what you need when you need it.
  • Passives: Devastation (1), Elemental Dominance (3)
  • Flame Shield (1), Enhanced Flame Shield (1), Mystical Flame Shield (1)
  • Teleport (1), Enhanced Teleport (1)
  • Ice Armor (1), Enhanced Ice Armor (1), Mystical Ice Armor (1)
  • Frost Nova (2), Enhanced Frost Nova (1), Mystical Frost Nova (1)
  • Passives: Glass Cannon (3)
  • Passives: Precision Magic (3), Align the Elements (3), Protection (1) (could possibly lose protection if you’re using Temerity and don’t need more barriers)
  • Passives: Inner Flames (1), Devouring Blaze (3)
  • Deep Freeze (1), Prime Deep Freeze (1), Supreme Deep Freeze (1)
  • Passives: Permafrost (3), Icy Touch (3), Hoarfrost (3), Frigid Breeze (3)
  • Passives: Fiery Surge (3)
  • Passive: Avalanche (1)

Aspects and Gems

  • Aspect of the Protector
  • Exploiter’s Aspect
  • Conceited Aspect
  • Aspect of the Crowded Sage
  • Aspect of Binding Embers
  • Aspect of Piercing Cold
  • Aspect of Control (on Amulet)
  • Prodigy’s Aspect
  • Edgemaster’s Aspect
  • Aspect of Frozen Memories


  • Weapon – Emerald or Sapphire
  • Armor – Ruby
  • Jewelry – Skulls

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Abby Hour

Abby is born and raised in South Florida, and now calls Atlanta home. A former NCAA Division I athlete (rowing) with a career in online marketing and media. Abby enjoys pretty much any looter shooter! Some of her favorite games are: Borderlands, Overwatch, Halo, Titanfall, Destiny, Remnant, and The Division.