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Ice Shards Sorcerer LvL 80+ WT4

Ice Shards Sorcerer LvL 80+ WT4


We’ve finally fully optimized the ice shards frost sorcerer build! This is what I’ve been running at level 80+ in 45+ nightmare dungeons, solo and in a full 4 man party. It’s great for carrying friends, farming helltide mystery chests, nightmare sigils, etc. Because this is our high level end game build, I assume you’ve collected some of the unique armor and have pretty good attributes on your gear. If you’re looking for a level 50 guide that doesn’t use any unique armor, check out this Frost Sorc lvl 50 guide.

For this ice shards build, there is one required unique, and that is Raiment of the Infinite chest. You can get this unique chest as a random drop in WT4 or WT3 (yes, I know someone who got it at level 52!).

This chest allows us to pull enemies in together, stun them, freeze them with Frost Nova, immobilize easily with Flame Shield, and wrap them with the Inferno ultimate. If you’d like to see gameplay, check out the YouTube video.

The other unique we’re using is Temerity. This is not required, but these unique pants allow you to have an on-demand barrier as long as you have a potion. “Effects that heal you beyond 100% life will give you a barrier up to 80% of your max life”, which is HUGE! This allows you to even take potions at full health, giving you a barrier before you go in to a fight if your ice armor and flame shield are on cooldown. We have an abundance of potions anyway, time to use them!


Ice ShardsIce ArmorFlame ShieldTeleportFrost NovaInferno


  • Ice Shards – Ice Shards automatically conjure and fly towards Frozen enemies.
  • Firebolt – Direct damage from Skills applies up to an additional 23.44% Burning damage over 8 seconds. (This allows us to use Damage to Burning attributes and Devouring Blaze passive)

For this build, you want to target the following attributes on your armor: Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Lucky Hit Chance (lucky hit chance to heal is nice on focus), Cooldown Reduction, Intellect, and All Stats. All stats becomes more important at this stage of the end game due to the paragon board unlocks. Speaking of paragon board. You can visit my build on D4Builds to follow step by step.

Interactive Skill Tree here.

Skill Points

  • Firebolt (2)
  • Ice Shards (5) -> Enhanced Ice Shards -> Destructive Ice Shards
    • note: greater ice shards will increase DPS but destructive is better for getting vulnerable on single targets. Use what you need when you need it.
  • Passives: Devastation (1) -> Elemental Dominance (3)
  • Flame Shield (1) -> Enhanced Flame Shield (1) -> Mystical Flame Shield (1)
  • Teleport (1) -> Enhanced Teleport (1)
  • Ice Armor (1) -> Enhanced Ice Armor (1) -> Mystical Ice Armor (1)
  • Frost Nova (1) -> Enhanced Frost Nova (1) -> Mystical Frost Nova (1)
  • Passives: Glass Cannon (3)
  • Passives: Precision Magic (3) -> Align the Elements (3) -> Protection (1)
    • note: could possibly lose protection if you’re using Temerity and don’t need more barriers
  • Passives: Inner Flames (1) -> Devouring Blaze (3)
  • Inferno (1), Prime Inferno (1)
  • Passives: Permafrost (3) -> Icy Touch (3) -> Hoarfrost (3) -> Frigid Breeze (3)
  • Passives: Fiery Surge (1)
  • Passive: Avalanche (1)


  • Raiment of the Infinite (chest)
  • Temerity (pants)

Aspects & Gems

  • Snowveiled Aspect
  • Storm Swell Aspect
  • Aspect of Binding Embers
  • Aspect of Piercing Cold
  • Aspect of Control (on Amulet)
  • Prodigy’s Aspect
  • Aspect of Retribution
  • Aspect of Frozen Memories
  • Weapon – Emerald or Sapphire
  • Armor – Ruby
  • Jewelry – Skulls

Paragon Boards & Glyphs

Use this link for your LVL 100 Paragon Board:

Starting Board / Destruction Glyph
Elemental Summoner Board / Imbiber Glyph
Burning Instinct Board / Exploit Glyph
Frigid Fate / Elementalist
Ceaseless Conduit / Flamefeeder
Static Surge / Control

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