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Bloodsplosion Necromancer Build WT4

Bloodsplosion Necromancer Build WT4

We have an off meta Necromancer build here utilizing Blood Surge and the Deathspeaker’s Pendant to give our minions a Blood Surge nova. Normally these novas are very weak, until we Overpower them, then they can start to hit for hundreds of thousands per minion resulting in essentially boss one shots when setup correctly. So we can get very good single target damage while also map clearing with a single skill. Very much an overlooked build when it comes to speed farming mid tier Nightmare Dungeons and lower.

Skills & Book of the Dead

Blood MistCorpse ExplosionCorpse TendrilsBone StormRaise SkeletonBlood Surge

Book of the Dead:

  • Skeletal Warriors -> Reapers -> Reapers have a 15% chance to carve the flesh off enemies, forming a corpse
  • Skeletal Mages -> Bone -> Sacrifice – 40%x Overpower Damage
  • Golems -> Iron -> Sacrifice – 30%x Crit Damage

Blood Mist is our one defensive skill to break out of any CC or tough situation as we go completely immune. This skill is also useful for setting up our Blighted Aspect at the start of fights as it will trigger Corpse Explosion letting Shadowblight start its damage and the aspect to kick in by the time it is over.

Corpse Explosion will be used for maintaining Essence while also keeping our 120% Blighted Aspect active over the course of a fight. This ability will be spammed and can also dish out decent enemies to trash mobs.

Corpse Tendrils is the heart of this build besides our Core Skill. This has a special interation with its specific aspect where it gives you crit chance and damage, as it allows our Overpower hits to get its crit damage bonus. Not to mention it will group entire hordes into one spot and stun them. Always spam this in groups to keep the bonus crit chance active.

Bone Storm offers so much for this build. Unfortunately it will be on a longer cooldown, but when used in the right scenarios it can make all the difference in the fight. It will give us damage reduction while also boosting our crit chance, so when paired with Corpse Tendrils, we get near guaranteed crits.

Raise Skeleton will provide us with 6 Skeletons that will form corpses to sustain Essence and provide Corpse Tendril loctions, while also keeping us topped off on Fortify. Every corpse they make will give us a good percentage of Fortify, and with 6 of them it will stack quickly. They are also our vessel for our main source of damage with the Deathspeaker’s Pendant.

Blood Surge will provide us with all our of damage and let us cycle our guaranteed Overpowers that transfer to our minions. In dense groups this skill’s Essence is easy to maintain so always try to group big chunks of enemies before spamming.

Skill Tree

Basic Skills – Not using any so just pick any 2 points to spend.

Core Skills – Blood Surge (5) -> Enhanced -> Paranormal, Unliving Energy (1), Imperfectly Balanced (3), Hewed Flesh (3)

Corpse & Macabre Skills 1 – Blood Mist (1) -> Enhanced -> Ghastly, Corpse Explosion (1) -> Enhanced -> Blighted, Grim Harvest (3), Fueled By Death (3), Skeletal Warrior Mastery (3)

Curse Skills – Death’s Embrace (3)

Corpse & Macabre 2 – Corpse Tendrils (1) -> Enhanced -> Blighted, Necrotic Carapace (3), Drain Vitality (1), Coalesced Blood (3), Tides of Blood (3), Transfusion (3), Gruesome Mending (3)

Ultimate Skills – Bone Storm -> Prime -> Supreme, Bonded in Essence (1)

Key Passive – Shadowblight

Aspects & Uniques

  1. Blood Getter’s Aspect (Helm)
  2. Aspect of Disobedience (Chest)
  3. Blood-Bathed Aspect (Gloves)
  4. Aspect of the Embalmer (Pants)
  5. Aspect of Explosive Mist (Boots)
  6. Deathspeaker’s Pendant (Unique Amulet)
  7. Aspect of Potent Blood (Ring 1)
  8. Blighted Aspect (Ring 2)
  9. Aspect of Grasping Veins (2H Weapon)

If you do not like needing to spam Corpse Explosion to keep Blighted Aspect active, you can replace it for an attack speed aspect, which would then let you move a few points into Decrepify for extra cooldown and damage reduction.

Paragon Board

Legendary Nodes – Bloodbath, Scent of Death, Flesh-Eater

Glyph Nodes – Control, Essence, Blood-drinker, Dominate (Place in Blood Begets Blood Tree when you can)\

Important Nodes to grab will be Essence on Kill and Max Essence nodes in the Bone Graft Board, grab this early!

Passives, Gems, & Gear

Important Passives

  1. Maximum Life
  2. Cooldown Reduction
  3. Overpower Damage
  4. Crit Chance
  5. Movement Speed
  6. Attack Speed
  7. Max Essence


  1. Armor – Ruby (Max Life)
  2. Jewelry – Skull (Armor)
  3. Weapons – Ruby (Overpower Damage)

Gear – Look for a 2-Handed Sword and make sure all you gear that can roll Overpower damage has it on there (Gloves, Weapon, Rings) as the actual benefit is much higher than the listed amount due to our several multiplicative Overpower bonuses!

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