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Updated Ball Lighting Sorcerer Endgame Build

Updated Ball Lighting Sorcerer Endgame Build

This updated build has gained some serious power since our last iteration. This version has become much faster clearing, harder hitting, and faster at stunning bosses on top of it. Bosses will be stunned in basically one rotation of your abilities making for an easy fast kill. The main changes to this version are that we are running Teleport instead of Lightning Spear as an enchantment, and some different aspects that provide us with bigger damage windows. I truly believe this rivals Ice Shards Sorcerer builds and in some cases exceeds them. Either way it is a super fun and fast paced build!

Skills & Enchantments

Flame ShieldTeleportFrost NovaUnstable CurrentsArc LashBall Lightning


  • Fire Bolt
  • Teleport

Flame Shield offers us a ton of survivability, as it make us immune for several seconds, while at the same time when paired with one of our aspects, offers us a huge DPS increase. You will spam this when fighting a large horde or when you need to save yourself from a sticky situation.

Teleport will be spammed almost nonstop, whether that is for basic convenience, or closing the gap on key targets when fighting a group. We only get 10 seconds of Unstable Currents so we need to maximize our time with it and spend less time walking to targets. Not to mention when we get our Raiment, this will be used to group and stun enemies.

Frost Nova will be our main source of vulnerable while also applying the frozen status effect to our targets. I usually save this for when enemies become unstoppable and I need the extra vulnerable damage, or after teleporting into a group.

Unstable Currents will be our main source of damage along with survivability *shockingly.* We will get crazy attack speed along with sending out tons of skills rapidly, including Chain Lightnings that will create more Crackling Energy for us and Lightning Spear which will stun basically every enemy you can see and more.

Arc Lash will be our main skill that we will always be attacking with. Does good damage, stuns, hits a wide range, overall does everything well. Attack speed goes wild during Unstable Currents and can always be used regardless of mana.

Ball Lightning actually does really good passive damage and can be casted very quickly for almost no downtime. The only downside of this skill is its mana cost, but with mana cost reduction passives and the fact that we gain mana for each Crackling Energy we pickup and enemy we stun, this will be spammable.

Fire Bolt & Teleport as our enchantments will make it so every enemy we hit will start to burn which lets us deal massively increased crit damage to them with our Devouring Blaze skill. While Teleport will allow us to move faster through maps, group enemies into range of our Arc Lash and Ball Lightnings, and stun them at the same time. Easily my favorite enchantment right now. If you do not have Raiment of the Infinite yet, you can run Lightning Spear instead of Teleport as your second enchantment.

Skill Tree

Basic Skills – Fire Bolt (1), Arc Lash (5), Enhanced Arc Lash, Glinting Arc Lash

Core Skills – Chain Lightning (1), Enhanced Chain Lightning, Destructive Chain Lightning

Defensive Skills – Flame Shield (1), Enhanced Flame Shield, Shimmering Flame Shield, Teleport (1), Enhanced Teleport, Shimmering Teleport, Frost Nova (1), Enhanced Frost Nova, Mystical Frost Nova, Glass Cannon (3)

Conjuration Skills – Lightning Spear (1), Enhanced Lightning Spear, Invoked Lightning Spear, Align the Elements (1), Protection (3), Conjuration Mastery (3)

Mastery Skills – Ball Lightning (5), Enhanced Ball Lightning, Wizard’s Ball Lightning, Inner Flames (1), Devouring Blaze (3), Static Discharge (1), Invigorating Conduit (3)

Ultimate Skills – Unstable Currents, Enhanced Unstable Currents, Supreme Unstable Currents, Coursing Currents (3), Electrocution (3)

Key Passive – Overflowing Energy

Aspects & Uniques

  1. Frostblitz Aspect (Helm)
  2. Raiment of the Infinite (Unique Chest)
  3. Exploiter’s Aspect (Gloves)
  4. Aspect of Disobedience (Pants)
  5. Aspect of Binding Embers (Boots)
  6. Aspect of Control (Amulet)
  7. Conceited Aspect (Ring 1)
  8. Smiting Aspect (Ring 2)
  9. Aspect of Retribution (Weapon)
  10. Gravitational Aspect (Offhand)

Feel free to swap Exploiter’s Aspect out for Rapid Aspect or Accelerating Aspect if you’d like more attack speed and a smoother feeling combat experience. Can also equip Elementalist’s Aspect once you have a substantial mana pool for guaranteed Ball Lightning crits. You will be useless against Unstoppable enemies and stun bosses slower though.

Paragon Board

Legendary Nodes – Static Surge, Ceaseless Conduit, Icefall

Glyph Nodes – Flamefeeder, Charged, Control Glyph, Adept, Tactician

Full Interactive Paragon Board Here

Passives, Gems, & Gear

Important Passives

  1. Maximum Life
  2. Cooldown Reduction
  3. Crowd Control Duration
  4. Crit Damage / Lightning Crit Damage
  5. Crit Chance
  6. Vulnerable Damage
  7. +3 Devouring Blaze
  8. +3 Defensive Skills
  9. +3 Evade Charges or Attacks Reduce Evade Cooldown
  10. Basic Skill Attack Speed
  11. Max Mana


  1. Armor – Ruby (Max Life)
  2. Jewelry – Skull (Armor)
  3. Weapons – Sapphire (Crit Damage vs Crowd Controlled)

Gear – Ideally look for a Dagger as your weapon type, but focus on the passives first. So if you find a good Wand first, use that until you get a good rolled Dagger. Make sure on your boots, they have the intrinsic of more evade charges or attacks reduce the cooldown of your evades. This is very important for our Teleport enchantment!

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