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Sorcerer Season 1 Leveling Build 1-50

Sorcerer Season 1 Leveling Build 1-50

This will be the best leveling build guide for Season 1 Sorcerer which received huge nerfs this season, while yet this still felt smooth to play. We will focus on lightning damage as it is the easiest way to deal damage without worrying about mana which cripples many early game Sorcerer builds. Best part is all our main aspects that will get thrown on are Codex rolls which ensures everyone can have the same smooth leveling experience. Currently this is still what I am running at Level 70+ until we get our full endgame build online, which will have an update for later.

Skills & Enchantments

Flame ShieldTeleportFrost NovaUnstable CurrentsArc LashChain Lightning


  • Fire Bolt
  • Ice Shards

Flame Shield will be grabbed basically at level 50 once we get the immobilize aspect (hopefully). Until then you can run Ice Blades for extra vulnerability or just use Flame Shield purely defensively.

Teleport is just great for speeding up the leveling process by moving around quicker while also giving us 30% DR almost constantly. Just use the base version till levels 40-50.

Frost Nova will be our main source of vulnerable while also applying the frozen status effect to our targets. Since we have 2 charges this will always be available and provide us with the biggest damage boost out of all our status skills.

Unstable Currents lets us do our big damage so make sure to save it for big packs with elites. Should have really good cooldowns once you are making loads of Crackling Energy and utilizing our key passive.

Arc Lash is just the best leveling skill for the Sorcerer. It does very good damage while costing 0 mana making it by far the most consistent option. Not to mention it gives us some cooldown and free stuns.

Chain Lightning will used to start and most of the way through the build. It offers good damage while also creating tons of Crackling Energy to cast more of them. Once you reach the mid 40s and obtain the Gravitational Aspect, you will swap this for Ball Lightning which is even better at making Crackling Energy and offers more single target damage.

Fire Bolt & Ice Shards as our enchantments will make it so every enemy we hit will start to burn which lets us deal massively increased crit damage to them with our Devouring Blaze skill. While Ice Shards will allow us to get free passive damage but automatically attacking frozen enemies and speeding up our clears. This season it will also allow us get another stack of our Caged Heart of Tal’Rasha.

Skill Tree

Basic Skills – Fire Bolt (1), Arc Lash (5), Enhanced Arc Lash, Glinting Arc Lash

Core Skills – Chain Lightning (1), Enhanced Chain Lightning, Destructive Chain Lightning, Ice Shards (1), Enhanced Ice Shards

Defensive Skills – Flame Shield (1), Enhanced Flame Shield, Shimmering Flame Shield, Teleport (1), Enhanced Teleport, Shimmering Teleport, Frost Nova (1), Enhanced Frost Nova, Mystical Frost Nova, Glass Cannon (3)

Conjuration Skills – Lightning Spear (1), Enhanced Lightning Spear, Invoked Lightning Spear, Align the Elements (1), Protection (3)

Mastery SkillsBall Lightning (5), Enhanced Ball Lightning, Wizard’s Ball Lightning, Inner Flames (1), Devouring Blaze (3), Static Discharge (2), Invigorating Conduit (3)

Ultimate Skills – Unstable Currents, Enhanced Unstable Currents, Supreme Unstable Currents, Coursing Currents (3), Electrocution (3)

Key Passive – Overflowing Energy

Leveling Path

Full Leveling Path can be found by clicking here (If it doesn’t show toggle the Leveling Path option)

Aspects & Hearts

  1. Frostblitz Aspect (Helm)
  2. Aspect of Might (Chest)
  3. Rapid Aspect (Gloves)
  4. Aspect of Disobedience (Pants)
  5. Aspect of Binding Embers (Boots)
  6. Aspect of Control (Amulet)
  7. Gravitational Aspect (Ring 1)
  8. Prodigy’s Aspect (Ring 2)
  9. Aspect of Retribution (Weapon)
  10. Conceited Aspect (Offhand)
  11. Caged Heart of Tal’Rasha
  12. Revenge Heart
  13. The Picana Heart

Just focus on the Jewelry aspects first then fill in the others when you can. You can get to 50 just by having the jewelry ones equipped. Feel free to swap some around as you see fit.

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