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Plagueshifter 3.0 Level 75+

Plagueshifter 3.0 Level 75+


This build is specifically setup to blast nightmare 100 dungeons. We are taking the best parts of Plagueshifter 2.0, and mixing them with my shredsplosion build to create a landslide build that no longer is relegated to a mid game build and is now one of the best, most comfy, most survivable endgame builds. We 1 shot nightmare 100 bosses and just do it all. Hope you enjoy the guide

Update Via Hotfix 1.1.2 Regarding Barrier Changes

So in a recent hotfix they made it so we can scale barrier more as it can scale UP to our max health. This means more barrier generation = more damage. On this build you should be aiming for at least 60-70% barrier generation. However at 68% I am still 1 shotting quite literally everything at nightmare 100. So you can aim for 100% barrier or more for max damage but it truly isn’t needed unless you are fighting Lilith. Aim for at least 70% and if you are not there put diamonds in your gear. If you are above 70% you can go for the more DR so you have better survivability. You will 1 shot things anyways so might as well be more comfy in Nightmare 100. Damage DOES NOT SCALE off of your current barrier, only on your % barrier generation. 20/5 points into earthen bulwark will give u the same damage as 1/5 into Bulwark.

Spirit Boons

  • Wariness
  • Swooping Attacks & Avian Wrath
  • Packleader
  • Calm Before The Storm

Skill Tree

Basic Skills – Storm Strike (1), Enhanced Storm Strike, Fierce Storm Strike

Core Skills – Landslide (5), Enhanced -> Primal Landslide, Heart of the Wild (1), Wild Impulses (3)

Defensive Skills – Earthen Bulwark (4), Enhanced Bulwark, Innate Bulwark, Ancestral Fortitude (1) Vigilance (3)

Companion Skills – Vine Creeper (1), Enhanced Vine Creeper, Ferocious Vine Creeper

Wrath Skills – Trample (1), Enhanced Trample, Natural Trample. Neurotoxin (1), Envenom (3). Crushing Earth (3) Safeguard (3) Stone Guard (3)

Ultimate – Petrify (1), Prime Petrify,. Defiance (3), Natural Disaster (2), Resonance (3) Quickshift (1) -> Heightened Senses (3)

Keystone Passive – Nature’s Fury


  1. Helmet – Aspect of Might: Basic Skills grant 20% Damage Reduction for [2.0 – 6.0] seconds
  2. Chest – The duration of Earthen Bulwark is increased by 6 seconds. In addition, killing an enemy with Earth Skills replenishes [X] of your active Earthen Bulwark’s Barrier.
  3. Gloves – Subterranean Aspect: Poison Creeper’s active also casts Landslide in a circle around you. Earth Skills deal [10 – 20%] increased damage to Poisoned enemies.
  4. Pants – Aspect of Disobedience: You gain [0.25 – 0.50%] increased Armor for 4 seconds when you deal any form of damage, stacking up to [15.00 – 30.00%] .
  5. Boots – Ballistic Aspect: +2 Ranks to Earthen Skills When You Have Fortify
  6. Amulet – Symbiotic Aspect: (When the Nature’s Fury Key Passive triggers a free Skill, your non Ultimate Cooldowns of the opposite type are reduced by [3 – 5] seconds.)
  7. 1-Handed Axe – Aspect of Natural Balance: Casting a Storm Skill grants your Earth Skills [30.0 – 45.0%] Critical Strike Damage for 4 seconds. Casting an Earth Skill increases the Critical Strike Chance of Storm Skills by [8.0 – 12.0%] for 4 seconds.
  8. Offhand – Aspect of the Trampled Earth: Trample now summons 6 Landslide pillars of earth during its duration that deal [70 – 80%] normal damage. Trample is now also a Nature Magic and Earth Skill.
  9. Ring 1 – Aspect of the Aftershock: Landslide’s earth pillars each strike a second time and deal an additional [6 – 12%] bonus damage per hit.
  10. Ring 2 – Crashstone Aspect: Earth Skills deal [30 – 40%] more Critical Strike Damage to Crowd Controlled enemies.

Stat Priorities


  1. Barrier Generation
  2. Cooldown
  3. Basic Attack Speed
  4. Armor/Life on Kill


  1. Damage Reduction from close
  2. Damage Reduction from poisoned
  3. Damage Reduction While Fortified
  4. Armor


  1. + Ranks Landslide
  2. Attack Speed
  3. Lucky Hit
  4. Crit Chance/Earth Crit


  1. Damage Reduction from close
  2. Damage Reduction
  3. Damage Reduction from poisoned
  4. Damage Reduction While Fortified


  1. Movement Speed
  2. Damage Reduction While Injured
  3. Movement Speed After Killing An Elite
  4. Dexterity (paragon Board)


  1. Vulnerable
  2. Crit Damage with Earth
  3. Crit Damage
  4. Willpower


  1. Basic Skill Attack Speed
  2. Cooldown
  3. Crit Chance
  4. DR/Lucky Hit


  1. Vulnerable Damage
  2. Crit Chance
  3. Crit Damage
  4. Max Health/Barrier Gen/ Lucky Hit


  1. +3 Envenom
  2. Cooldown
  3. Movement/DR
  4. Armor


  1. Armor – Sapphire (DR while Fortified)
  2. Jewelry – Barber Heart, Pull Distant Heart, Suppress Damage Heart
  3. Weapons – Emerald (Crit Damage vs Vulnerable)

Paragon Board:

D4 Planner Link With Paragon:

Glyphs: Exploit, Spirit, Territorial, Earth And Sky, Undaunted, Shapeshifter

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