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The Division 2 Season 2 (Year 5) – Incursions are coming back!

The Division 2 Season 2 (Year 5) – Incursions are coming back!

The Division 2’s 5th Year, Season 2 ‘Puppeteers,’ starts on Tuesday, October 3rd, and begins the manhunt for your prime target, The Recruiter. During the course of the season we’ll be tasked to find the rest of the missing hostages who were once close with Natalya Sokolova. This will lead us closer to taking down The Recruiter. The Castle settlement will also see some repairs as a result of our rescue efforts.

During the season, that runs through January 2024, we’ll have numerous global events and leagues, similar to past seasons. Season 2 Puppeteer will also bring a unique apparel event called NEXUS. This apparel event will introduce a new aesthetic to The Division 2 as seen below. You can earn these apparel cache keys by playing the game however you want, earning XP, or by purchasing them in the store.

New Loot!

Let’s talk about the new loot coming to The Division in Season 2 (Y5). First up, a new exotic LMG named Iron Lung. The talent is called Ardent: Shooting heats the weapon up filling the “heat meter”. The meter is equivalent to 50% of the weapon’s standard Magazine Size. When the meter is full, rounds shot by the weapon will ignite enemies. When not shooting, the meter constantly depletes. Reloading or swapping to another weapon fully depletes the meter.

Exotic Chest – Collector with the talent Hoarder: +3 Grenade Capacity; +50% Grenade Radius; +35% Grenade Damage; +25% Grenade Damage for each extra enemy caught in the blast. Automatically regenerate grenades every 30s, if you have less than 2 grenades in your inventory.

That chest piece seems pretty insane for a grenade/explosive build! Maybe paired with other items that give buffs when you throw a grenade.

New Gear Sets:

Ortiz: Exuro2 Pieces equipped give +20% Burn Duration & +15% Skill Health.
3 Pieces equipped give +40% Burn Damage
4 Pieces equipped unlock a new unique Turret talent.

Ortiz Incinerator Turret Prototype
The Incinerator Turret spins 360°. You are immune to your own Incinerator Turret’s fire. The Incinerator Turret explodes when disabled.

Chest Bonus – Talent Chain Combustion
Enemies set ablaze by the Ortiz Incinerator Turret Prototype ignite other enemies within 2m.
Backpack Bonus – Talent Heatstroke
+25% Weapon Damage to enemies set on fire by the Ortiz Incinerator Turret Prototype.
+25% Ortiz Incinerator Turret Prototype Range.
Lengmo1 Piece equipped gives +20% Explosive Resistance.
2 Pieces equipped give +10% Skill Health.
3 Pieces equipped give +15% LMG Damage.

Named Chest “Carpenter” – Talent Perfectly Mad Bomber”.
Grenade Radius increased by 75%. Grenades that kill an enemy are refunded. Grenades can now be “cooked” by holding the fire button, making them explode earlier. Allows to gain +15% bonus Armor while aiming when throwing out a grenade.

Named Backpack “Backbone” – Talent Perfectly Unstoppable Force.
Killing an enemy increases total weapon damage by 7% for 15s. Stacks up to 5. Grenade kills add 2 stacks.

I know “Unstoppable Force” is a main talent in many DPS builds so I’m sure the Lengmo set will be a popular one. Personally, I always love turrets in any game and the incendiary turret was always lackluster in The Division. Seeing the perks of the Ortiz Exuro set makes me excited to try out a flame turret build now! Plus 40% fire damage is huge.

Of course there are some new talents and minor balancing updates as well, but let’s talk about the most exciting update…

Incursions are back!

If you’re a long time fan of Tom Clancy’s The Division, you’ll remember these four-player missions from the original game. They’re making a comeback, starting with the first incursion, named Paradise Lost, launching with Season 2 on October 3rd. And yes, the incursion is a FREE update to those that own the Warlords of New York edition. The Paradise Lost incursion was also not revealed on the Public Test Server (PTS), so it’ll be fun to watch teams compete to complete the first incursion in The Division 2. We’ll be live over on Twitch later in the day to check it out ourselves!

In Paradise Lost, you and a team of up to three other Division agents will work to free the survivors of the Meret Estate Settlement from the Cleaners. Of course, along the way you’ll encounter tough enemies and bosses, but if your team succeeds, there’s some pretty juicy loot! They also mentioned on the Special Report live stream that;

“[W]e really approached it thinking of roles. So if you go there with a full DPS team, you’re probably going to be in trouble.”

– Special Report Live Stream 10/2/23

This is really exciting to hear because I love support roles in The Division, whether it’s a healing skill build or pulse jammer and damage buffing.

So what LOOT can you get from the new Incursion? Each week you clear the Incursion, you’ll be rewarded with an exotic item. There is a 10% chance that this reward will be the brand new Exotic SMG Ouroboros, earned exclusively from Incursions. This SMG has a very high RPM and critical damage making it a very exciting new exotic!

So what do you think about The Division 2’s next season? They posted on Twitter that the servers will go down for a scheduled maintenance Tuesday, October 3rd, at 9:30 AM CEST, 3:30 AM ET, 12:30 AM PT. The estimated downtime is 3 hours.

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