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How to Get Anguish in Remnant 2 DLC – The Awakened King

How to Get Anguish in Remnant 2 DLC – The Awakened King

The Remnant II community has finally solved the biggest puzzle in The Awakened King DLC. We now know how to acquire Anguish, the highly anticipated handgun from the trailer! It didn’t take the community long, compared to the data-mined Archon archetype in the base game. But the solution didn’t require too much data-mining this time as people put the pieces together. It does involve a new campaign run up to Root Earth and some adventure rerolling, during which you need to stay alive. Keep on reading to learn the steps to craft the gun yourself.

Huge thanks to the members of the Remnant 2 Discord and the Special Dran Discord, especially Spoon/Phemeto, for their investigation and teamwork to figure this out! My video guide is linked here, but keep reading for the written steps!

How to Get the Anguish Handgun

In order to craft the Anguish Handgun in Remnant 2, you need to complete the Dranception Event. This even spans across all worlds in Remnant 2! The first thing to know about this puzzle: IF YOU DIE AFTER TALKING TO THE DRAN IN WARD 13, YOU HAVE TO REDO THE ENTIRE THING. So I would suggest doing this on Survivor difficulty and try to get as many of these locations as you can in your campaign roll. You can then do adventure to fill in any of the gaps. You’ll understand what I mean when I start explaining it. Read all the steps before starting this puzzle in your own world so you’re successful!

To start the Dranception Event, you’ll need to prepare by progressing a new (post-DLC) campaign up through Root Earth. More specifically, complete this campaign up to the small checkpoint stone after the train fight with the mini-Venom boss. After you reach the checkpoint, travel back to Ward 13.

If you’re using a World Analyzer on PC, you’ll want look for the following campaign starting locations.

  • Yaesha – Red Throne
  • N’Erud – Forgotten Prison
  • Losomn – Morrow Parish

The more of these locations that are in your campaign world, the better, because you can travel around to different stones that you’ve already unlocked instead of rerolling adventure mode. That being said, anything you don’t have in your campaign, you can reroll adventure mode for, so it’s not the end of the world. But just remember you can’t die once we start!

Once you’ve prepared your campaign and progressed it to Root Earth, you’re ready to go! To start Dranception, you need to find the Ethereal Manor injectable (Death-Soaked Idol) in adventure mode. This injectable can be located inside any burning dungeons on Losomn. The World Analyzer on PC currently doesn’t show the Ethereal Manor, so look for burning dungeons like Cotton’s Kiln and Butcher’s Quarter. Once you’re there, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Find the Dran in the Manor and let him grab you.
  • Step 2: Drink Liquid Escape (consumable in your inventory)
  • Step 3: Awake in the Corrupted Throne and loot the Crimson Dreamstone
  • Step 4: Return to Ward 13 and talk to the Dran who is now near the shipping containers where Ford is located at the beginning of the story.
  • Step 5: Travel to the Red Throne (either from campaign or adventure mode, but DON’T reroll your Root Earth campaign) and locate the Dran in a room down the right side path of the red throne entrance.
  • Step 6: Swap to your already progressed campaign and travel to the main stone in Labyrinth with the big portal. Go up the stairs and behind the portal to find and talk to the Dran.
  • Step 7: Travel to Forgotten Prison on N’Erud either in your campaign or a new adventure and find the Dran right before the boss room with Tal’Ratha.
  • Step 8: Swap back to your campaign and travel to Root Earth. Go past the train event room and just past the small checkpoint stone, you’ll find the next Dran.
  • Step 9: Head to the Tormented Asylum on Losomn in either campaign or adventure mode. You’ll find the last Dran down in the basement near a sewer grate on the left side. He will give you a new consumable, Dran’s Dream.
  • Step 10: Use Dran’s Dream to teleport yourself to the Forgotten Null. Here you’ll find a new purple item drop, Occult Vessel. Bring this back to McCabe in Ward 13 and she’ll craft the Anguish handgun!

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