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Author: Abby Hour

Ice Shards Sorcerer LvL 80+ WT4

We’ve finally fully optimized the ice shards frost sorcerer build! This is what I’ve been running at level 80+ in 45+ nightmare dungeons, solo and in a full 4 man party. It’s great for carrying friends, farming helltide mystery chests, nightmare sigils, etc. Because this is our high level end game build, I assume you’ve collected some of the unique armor and have pretty good attributes on your gear.

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Frost Sorcerer LvL 60+ WT4 Build (No Uniques)

This is the World Tier 4, level 75 update to the Frost Sorcerer Build. We’re cruising through difficult content solo, and in a four man group, and it’s pretty good in PvP too. If you’re not at WT4 yet, I also have leveling guide showcasing the evolution of this build over time. I have, however, learned a lot from playing frost sorcerer, so this article will still be important to gain that knowledge before even reaching world tier four. Before we get started on the skill tree and the paragon board, I wanna give you some tips on how to gear up and play this build.

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