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Sorcerer Hydra Conjuration Build

Sorcerer Hydra Conjuration Build

Sorcerers are tired. Tired of being the butt of every joke on reddit. Tired of having to try so hard just to hit a fraction of the Druid’s numbers… and without all the tankiness. So, before I hang up my sorcerer robe until the class overhaul in season 2, I’m bringing you one more build. This time our hydras and other conjurations can dish out the damage themselves. And before you say it, yes, the burn damage may be slightly bugged and is scaling with enemy level. But it’s about time we get to enjoy some of those damage bugs I’ve been hearing about. In addition to the crazy burning from our hydras, our lightning spear hits really hard as well.

This conjuration build performs really well in high tier nightmare dungeons, solo or in a group. And a very similar build has even completed tier 100! (not me because I like to run into groups of enemies) Keep reading for an outline of the skills, aspects and unique you’ll need to run this fun conjuration build in Diablo IV! I think this build would also be a great leveling build during the season, so if you try that out, let me know!

Of course the recommended unique for this build is Raiment of the Infinite. It’s not required, but helpful for grouping enemies up, stunning them, freezing and applying vulnerability to groups of enemies.


HydraIce BladesFlame ShieldTeleportFrost NovaLightning Spear


  • Frost Nova – Lucky Hit: Your Conjuration Skills have up to a 30% chance to unleash a Frost Nova when hitting enemies. – This will proc a lot on Lightning Spear for some reason, even though Ice Blades has a higher lucky hit chance.
  • Frostbolt / Fireball – This is swappable – feel free to test different enchants and see what you like best!

For this build, you want to target the following attributes on your armor: +Frost Nova, +Defensive Skills, +Devouring Blaze Passive, +Conjuration Mastery Passive, Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Lucky Hit Chance, Cooldown Reduction, Intellect, and All Stats.

Interactive Skill Tree here.

Skill Points

  • Firebolt (1), Frostbolt (1)
  • Fireball (1)
  • Passives: Devastation (3)
  • Flame Shield (1) -> Enhanced Flame Shield (1) -> Shimmering Flame Shield (1)
  • Teleport (1) -> Enhanced Teleport (1) -> Shimmering Teleport (1)
  • Frost Nova (5) -> Enhanced Frost Nova (1) -> Mystical Frost Nova (1)
  • Passives: Glass Cannon (3), Elemental Attunement (1)
  • Hydra (5) -> Enhanced Hydra -> Summoned Hydra (1)
  • Ice Blades (1) -> Enhanced Ice Blades -> Invoked Ice Blades
  • Lightning Spear (1) -> Enhanced Lightning Spear -> Invoked Lightning Spear
  • Passives: Precision Magic (3) + Align the Elements (1) -> Protection (1)
  • Passives: Inner Flames (3) -> Devouring Blaze (3) -> Crippling Flames (3)
  • Passives: Permafrost (1) -> Hoarfrost (3)
  • Passive: Esu’s Ferocity (1) OR Shatter (1) OR Vyr’s Mastery (1)

Aspects & Gems

  • Exploiter’s Aspect
  • Aspect of Disobedience Aspect
  • Storm Swell Aspect
  • Aspect of Binding Embers
  • Aspect of Control (on Staff)
  • Edgemaster’s Aspect (on Amulet)
  • Serpentine Aspect
  • Aspect of Engulfing Flames
  • Weapon – Sapphire
  • Armor – Ruby
  • Jewelry – Skulls

Paragon Boards & Glyphs

Use this link for your LVL 100 Paragon Board

Starting Board / Conjurer Glyph
Burning Instinct Board / Control Glyph
Enchantment Master Board / Elementalist Glyph
Frigid Fate Board / Tactician Glyph
Elemental Summoner Board / Torch Glyph
Searing Heat Board / Flamefeeder Glyph

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Abby is born and raised in South Florida, and now calls Atlanta home. A former NCAA Division I athlete (rowing) with a career in online marketing and media. Abby enjoys pretty much any looter shooter! Some of her favorite games are: Borderlands, Overwatch, Halo, Titanfall, Destiny, Remnant, and The Division.