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Ice Spike Sorcerer Endgame Build WT4

Ice Spike Sorcerer Endgame Build WT4

This build can put out some serious AoE along with single target when using a correct combo. I have been able to cruise through some T70+ Nightmares and speed clear 50’s and 60’s. This build excels in dealing damage while maintaining relative safety when using skills in the correct order and making sure you are off cooldowns when engaging a new pack of Elites. Bosses also get stunned very quickly which is an added benefit to this build. Gameplay examples on the YouTube video below

Skills & Enchantments

Flame ShieldTeleportFrost NovaDeep FreezeIce BladesBlizzard


  • Fire Bolt
  • Ice Shards

Flame Shield offers us a ton of survivability, as it make us immune for several seconds, while at the same time when paired with one of our aspects, offers us a huge DPS increase. You will spam this when fighting a large horde or when you need to save yourself from a sticky situation.

Teleport will be spammed almost nonstop, whether that is for basic convenience, or closing the gap on key targets when fighting a group. This will provide our Stuns with Aspect of Control and will usually be cast after you have placed down your Blizzard so you can group enemies into the spikes.

Frost Nova will be our main source of vulnerable while also applying the frozen status effect to our targets. Since we have 2 charges this will always be available and provide us with the biggest damage boost out of all our status skills.

Deep Freeze will be used to freeze enemies, survive bad situations, and buy time till other cooldowns are available during a longer fight. This can also be used to wipe the screen of trash mobs too.

Ice Blades will provide us with extra vulnerable procs along with some extra cooldown for our other skills. They can do okay damage when hitting a fully CC’d target.

Blizzard itself does not do much damage, but our main Glacial Aspect for it will provide almost all our damage. I have seen upwards of 2M damage from a spike when a correct combo is performed. Just blanket the screen or stack several on top of each other for big damage.

Fire Bolt & Ice Shards as our enchantments will make it so every enemy we hit will start to burn which lets us deal massively increased crit damage to them with our Devouring Blaze skill. While Ice Shards will allow us to get free passive damage but automatically attacking frozen enemies and speeding up our clears.

Skill Tree

Basic Skills – Fire Bolt (1) -> Enhanced

Core Skills – Ice Shards (5) -> Enhanced

Defensive Skills – Flame Shield (1), Enhanced Flame Shield, Shimmering Flame Shield, Teleport (1), Enhanced Teleport, Shimmering Teleport, Frost Nova (1), Enhanced Frost Nova, Mystical Frost Nova, Glass Cannon (3)

Conjuration Skills – Ice Blades (1) -> Enhanced -> Summoned, Precision Magic (2), Align the Elements (1), Mana Shield (3), Protection (3)

Mastery Skills – Blizzard (1) -> Enhanced -> Mage’s Blizzard, Inner Flames (1), Devouring Blaze (3), Icy Veil, Cold Front (2)

Ultimate Skills – Deep Freeze Maxed, All of Permafrost, Icy Touch, Hoarfrost, & Frigid Breeze

Key Passive – Shatter

Aspects & Uniques

  1. Frostblitz Aspect (Helm)
  2. Raiment of the Infinite (Unique Chest)
  3. Conceited Aspect (Gloves)
  4. Aspect of Disobedience (Pants)
  5. Aspect of Binding Embers (Boots)
  6. Aspect of Control (Amulet)
  7. Aspect of the Frozen Tundra (Ring 1)
  8. Prodigy’s Aspect (Ring 2)
  9. Aspect of Retribution (Weapon)
  10. Glacial Aspect (Offhand)

Feel free to swap Aspect of Control on the Amulet and the Glacial Aspect on the Offhand if you want the Ice Spikes to do more but the Ice Shards Enchantment to do less.

Paragon Board

Legendary Nodes – Static Surge, Icefall

Glyph Nodes – Flamefeeder, Exploit, Control Glyph, Imbiber, Tactician, Winter

Full Interactive Paragon Board Here

Passives, Gems, & Gear

Important Passives

  1. Maximum Life
  2. Cooldown Reduction
  3. Crowd Control Duration
  4. Crit Damage / Lightning Crit Damage
  5. Crit Chance
  6. Vulnerable Damage
  7. +3 Devouring Blaze
  8. +3 Defensive Skills
  9. Max Mana
  10. Resource Generation
  11. Chance to Restore Primary Resource


  1. Armor – Ruby (Max Life)
  2. Jewelry – Skull (Armor)
  3. Weapons – Sapphire (Crit Damage vs Crowd Controlled)

For weapons, you can use a Wand or Dagger. Wand will be better Mana sustain while Dagger will be more damage.

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