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Starfield’s New Game+, Should You Rush Story?

Starfield’s New Game+ feature is something I fully expected to cause a lot of friction among reviewers and content creators who got early access review copies. Players are just now getting to the point where this topic is coming up and bubbling over. To avoid end game story spoilers, we were unable to explain New Game+ fully on launch. Due to this, you’ll see many reviews that recommend rushing through the main quest as quickly as possible, to get to New Game+, and then worry about side quests, faction quests, etc. I don’t necessarily think you should rush through the story, but if you plan to play New Game+ and are a completionist, like me, there are a few things you should know.

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Where to Find Skill Magazines in Starfield

Similar to other Bethesda games, in Starfield, you will come across collectable magazines in the world that will give you permanent buffs and other bonuses to your character. These magazines can be found on any planet in normal areas where you would find a magazine. Each type of bonus has their own magazine name, which are then numbered and distributed among the systems. For example, All Mining Monthly Issues will give you tool-grip weapon damage. Some of these magazines may by in the same area but not in the same location, so make sure to look around.

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Master Lockpicking in Starfield

Today I’m teaching you how to become a master lock picker! Basically, how to use digipicks in Starfield. Since these are digital locks, I guess it’s more like hacking, but you get the idea! If you are a fellow loot goblin, like me, you love loot and you’re gonna do whatever it takes to get it. This means you need to learn how to use digipicks efficiently. Well, you’re in the right place.

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