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Mantis Side Quest Walkthrough

Mantis Side Quest Walkthrough


This will show you how to aquire the Mantis side quest, which is one of the best side quests in the entire game. It will set you up with a full Legendary Spacesuit set and a free ship! These items can be used until the end of the game, as I had them equipped for my entire first playthrough. Not to mention you have a chance at some pretty good generic loot along the way too. If you’d like to see the video version of this guide, click on the video below!

How To Get The Quest “Mantis”

To obtain the “Mantis” quest you need to have started your journey on the main storyline as the area you need will be apart of the first big mission. This will take you to the Nova Galactic Staryard which orbits the Earth’s moon. Once inside you will start fighting against a group of Spacers. Once you kill a few make sure to loot their bodies. As you are looking for an item on one of them called “Secret Outpost!” Once you have found this item, collect it then go listen to it from your inventory. This will then activate the Mantis quest prompting you to travel to Denebola I-B.

Lair of the Mantis

Once you have arrived at the planet Denebola I-B, it is fairly straightforward till the end. You’ll work your way across a shipyard through some Spacers and eventually into an area called “Lair of the Mantis.” This is essentially just a linear dungeon full of bad guys. So just make your way through them but be careful, some of the enemies on my first playthrough were around level 30 or higher. They can do a lot of damage to you but you can still easily kill them at range. Make sure you save along your way to avoid redoing the whole lair. These enemies drop a lot of loot so make sure to check every body along your way. Eventually you’ll come to a room with an NPC named Livvey asking to be spared since he will help you. I always chose to kill him but you can try bringing him along if you’d like, he isn’t necessary. Past him will be the main puzzle of this lair.

Turret Word Puzzle

Once you pass Livvey, you will reach the main obstacle of this lair. You have to walk across the correct order of letters or else very high level turrets will basically instakill you. The answer most likely went right past you as you were clearing the lair. If you were picking up the audio logs as you were running through, you’d hear a lot from a son and mother. In one, the son explains how the mother would always repeat the saying “Sic Semper Tyrannis.” Which happens to be the answer to our puzzle. If you walk over the letter panels to spell T-Y-R-A-N-N-I-S, the turrets will not shoot you allowing you to proceed. Just be careful if you have a companion as they like to walk wherever and draw the fire of the turrets.

Ship & Legendary Spacesuit

Once you are through the turret puzzle, you are basically done. You will just fight through a couple more rooms against a few robots and eventually make it to this giant “batcave” area. Once in this area your mission will update pointing exactly where you need to go to claim the Mantis’s ship and spacesuit. Claim these and you’re free to leave the lair! Now just to note I have done this lair twice now and the 2 sets of armor I got had completely different passives, so it’s level of effectiveness will vary per playthrough.


This Mantis mission is a definite must do on any playthrough. It sets you up for success for the next several dozen hours, or even longer if you get a god rolled Mantis set. The ship is great too with plenty of storage space, and fairly decent stats that will allow to do most of the game’s space content. Can’t recommend doing this side quest enough!

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