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Losomn Rings

In the game Remnant 2, there are special items called rings that players can use to get different advantages. Each player can wear 4 rings at a time. You can discover these rings all over the different places in Remnant 2. They might be hidden around the game world, sold by non-player characters (NPCs), given as prizes for completing dungeons and unexpected happenings, or obtained by defeating certain bosses.

This is a list of how to get all Remnant II rings in Losomn. They are either in set locations, from quests or NPCs, or random drops in the world.

Alchemy Stone
Increases base Lifesteal by 5% while suffering from a negative STATUS or BLIGHT Effect.
Alumni Ring
Increases all Elemental damage dealt by 10%.Go back to the Morrow Sanitarium checkpoint (the asylum) after killing the Nightweaver world boss. Ring will be in the corner on a tombstone (where you find one of the dolls)
Assassin’s Seal
Reduces enemy Awareness Range by 25%. Increases all damage dealt to enemies not targeting wearer by 10%.(Video Guide) In Council Tribunal during the Council Chamber event. In the King’s Chamber, climb up and across from the One True King, on a ledge.
Black Pawn Stamp
Reduces Cooldowns of Skills by 10%.Random tile spawn in a castle dungeon. Complete the Flames Event by turning all the flames black/blue.
Booster Ring
Increases all status Resistances by 10.Random drop in Losomn.
Burden of the Divine
All damage dealt by wearer is reduced by 10%. 50% of self healing applies to allies.(Video Guide) Random tile spawn event in the sewers dungeon. Flooded room event. Look for broken wooden boards to break. Same place as the grenade launcher.
Burden of the Warlock
Reduces Mod Power Requirement by 15%. Activating a Mod costs 15% health as Grey Health. Activation cannot kill wearer.Random drop in Losomn.
Cataloger’s Jewel
Automatically generates 8 mod Power per second.(Video Guide) Beatific Palace. Return to the same area where you played the card game with the jester except this time in the day version. Follow the path and take the elevator down.
Drakestone Pearl
Enables Stamina Regeneration during Melee Attacks at 20% of the normal rate.(Video Guide) Found in the secret sewer area after getting grabbed through the grate by the bone harvester.
Dran Memento
Increases Max Stamina by 20 and reduces Encumbrance by 5.(Video Guide) Random tile spawn in burning dungeon. The Burning Event – save the dran from burning by killing all enemy rounds.
Dran Scavenger
Collecting Scrap, Iron, and Ammo pickups regenerates 10% of Max Health and increases all damage dealt by 8% for 30s.Beat Losomn World on Hardcore.
Dread Font
Increases Grey Health Regeneration rate by 2 per second.Random drop in Losomn.
Fae Bruiser Ring
Dealing Melee damage grants 2 Stacks of BULWARK for 7s. Does not stack with itself.Random drop in Losomn.
Fae Hunter Ring
Increases Range of Firearms by 30%.Random drop in Losomn.
Fae Protector Signet
Increases Max Health and Stamina by 10 and Reduces Encumbrance by 5.(Video Guide) Reward from defeating the Council Chamber. Players have to face The Council during The Fae Council Event.
Fae Shaman Ring
Increases Health Regeneration by 0.25 and Relic Use Speed by 25%.Random drop in Losomn.
Fae Warrior Ring
Increases Melee Damage by 15%.Random drop in Losomn.
Faelin’s Sigil
Melee Damage generates 10% additional Mod Power.Gifted by Faelin (light) if you kill Faerin (dark) and report this back to Faelin
Faerin’s Sigil
Critical and Weakspot Hits generates 10% additional Mod Power.Gifted by Faerin (dark) if you kill Faelin (light) and report this back to Faelin
Feastmaster’s Signet
Increases active Concoction Limit by 1.In the Great Hall, feast room. Crouch past the fireplace on the right.
Game Master’s Pride
Reduces all healing by 50%. Splits all damage and remaining healing evenly among all allies wearing this ring.(Video Guide) Postulant’s Parlor – found in the bottom left corner room
Hex Ward
Prevents CURSE Blight.(Video Guide) Can be crafted at Nimue.
Outcast Ring
Increases Reload Speed by 5% for 15s after reloading. Stacks 5x.Complete the man in the sewers event (Tiller’s Rest) and exchange the Spirit Wisp Amulet for this ring.
Ring of Grace
Taking enemy damage causes 10% of Maximum Health to regenerate over 10s.Random tile spawn in sewer dungeon. Sobbing man will be sitting down (blue icon on map). Interact with him to start the quest. Find and defeat Barghest the Vile. He drops Dria’s Anklet. When you return this to him, he will award you with this ring.
Ring of Retribution
Incoming enemy damage increases Reload Speed and all outgoing damage by 10%. Lasts 15s.(Video Guide) Give Dria’s Anklet to the Nightweaver’s Web
Ring of the Damned
Increases all damage dealt by 10% while Grey Health is present.Random tile spawn in a sewer dungeon. Look for a barred wall with a red barrel. Shoot the red barrel to make an opening. You’ll see the purple item hanging from a man in a cage. Shoot it down and climb up to retrieve the hand. Interact with the hand to take off the ring.
Ring of the Robust
Increases Max Health by 10, and Armor Effectiveness by 15.Can be found in Harvester’s Reach. In a pipe in the wall, have to jump off to get there. Can be found in Butcher’s Quarter. On top of a building near the final checkpoint. Can be found in Tiller’s Rest . In the water by a grate.
Rusted Heirloom

Grants 2 Stacks of BULWARK below 50% Max HP.Players will find a locked safe that requires a four-digit code, in order to be opened. The code can be found by inspecting the area and finding the lit numbers. If you shot the lamp in the room, use your flashlight to be able to enter the four-digit code again. By opening the safe, players will find a Ring called Rusted Heirloom. The code is always some combination of the numbers 1, 3, 5 and 8.
Sapphire Dreamstone
Critical Hits reduce Skill Cooldowns by 3%. Can only happen once every 2s.Random tile spawn in a castle dungeon. Look for a painting on the floor that can be broken to reveal a hole in the wall. Fall down and fight the Executioner aberration. On your way back up you’ll find this ring on a podium.
Shiny Hog Lure
Reloading grants 25-30 Mod Power to both weapons based on percentage of Magazine reloaded.Random tile spawn in a burning dungeon. Before you drop down to fight the pig aberration. It will be on a ledge.
Singed Ring
Increases all damage dealt to BURNING enemies by 10%(Video Guide) Random tile spawn in burning dungeon. The Burning Event – let the hanging man die. Sit at a checkpoint, then return to the man, kill the pig that’s eating him.
Steam Coupler
Using a Skill regenerates 10% of Max Health over 5s.Random drop in Losomn.
Stockpile Charger
After picking up ammo, increases the damage of that Ammo Type by 13% by 20s.Random drop in Losomn.
Stone Of Malevolence
Elemental damage generates 15% additional Mod Power.Random drop in Losomn.
Timekeeper’s Jewel
Increases the duration of all Status Effects applied by the wearer. Duration varies per status.Clocktower open world event spawn. Climb to the top of the tower and open the chest.
White Pawn Stamp
Reduces Mod Power Requirement by 10%.Random tile spawn in a castle dungeon. Complete the Flames Event by turning all the flames white.

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