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How to Farm Metal Scrap in Enshrouded

How to Farm Metal Scrap in Enshrouded

Enshrouded is a game of survival, crafting, and Action RPG combat, set within a sprawling voxel-based continent. The game launched yesterday on Steam and most players are just discovering the Shroud, unlocking shrines and building their villages. Enshrouded offers the familiar gameplay loop of farming resources to craft gear and take on more difficult bosses. And just like in most survival games, there’s a resource bottleneck early on that may slow down your progression.

How to Farm Metal Scrap in Enshrouded

Most Enshrouded players are wondering how to get more metal scrap early in their game. This is one of the hardest resources to farm because it does not spawn in resource nodes, but rather set items in the world and from killing human enemies. In the beginning, you’ll find these human enemies when you make your way to rescue the first survivor. Because of the long respawn time on enemies in Enshrouded, I also recommend looking out for certain items in game that will drop metal scraps when destroyed with your pickaxe. You can even use explosive grenades to farm these items or other building pieces with metal on them.

Metal Beds

Metal Braziers

Metal Crates

Metal Cages

Barrels with Metal Rings (sometimes drop metal)

And lastly, and additional tip to smash all the pots/urns in every spire that you visit! They don’t really give metal, but you’ll get useful items like potions and materials. Have fun!

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